2008 AFABW Call for Short Stories

April 25, 2008 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World International announced its 2008 “Call for Short Stories” to global writers for the purpose of creating the next AFABW Short Story compilation book. Writers may submit up to three (3) stories, for no cost, and authors whose stories are selected for inclusion in the book will be given full credit as well as additional AFABW promotion. Writers who choose to submit their work via the AFABW website will also receive an upgraded AFABW “Premier” membership ($75.00 value) at no cost.

AFABW story submissions are welcome and requested from writers of goodwill from all nationalities, creeds, races, cultures and religions.


AFABW is dedicated to building a worldwide network of artists who share a vision of creating a better world through aesthetics and is open to artists and art enthusiasts of goodwill from all religions, nationalities, creeds, races and cultures. In short, any and all who desire to help in the creation of a better world are eligible to submit their stories.

“Better World Stories” is the overarching theme that would qualify any submissions for potential inclusion within the AFABW short story compilation book.

This theme is purposefully broad to encourage submissions, and not to be limiting.

This theme does not suggest stories should convey certain subjects or moods, such as happy or sad: it may be any mood. It is the author’s intent and the message received by readers that would represent a message of a “Better World Story.”

Any author whose work is intended to uplift and inspire, and/or convey constructive concepts by whatever means they elect to do so, could be construed to reflect a “Better World Story.”

For additional insight, please review the purpose of AFABW, as delineated in the AFABW Mission Statement.

There is some flexibility in the maximum word count. In brief, the word count of each story is relevant, but less important than the quality of the story itself. The “preferred” word count would be less than 2000 words, although stories up to 4000 words will be considered. There is no minimum word count.

Final story selections will be made by:

Author, Writing Educator and President of the Celebrity Centre Professional Writer’s Association: Kelly Reno

Authors must upload their story submissions to the AFABW website by May 31, 2008, or mail their manuscripts to AFABW on CD and have it postmarked by May 31, 2008.

NOTE: The AFABW website is set up to allow anyone with rudimentary computer skills to upload their written work on the AFABW website. If a writer is comfortable using email, can read instructions, and is comfortable with uploading files, the process of uploading stories to the AFABW will be very simple. Otherwise, writers are welcome to mail their stories to AFABW on a CD. (Mailed stories will not be available on the AFABW website, but will be considered for inclusion into the AFABW short story compilation book).

NOTE: It is strongly advised that writers who are submitting stories via the AFABW online submission process do so as early as possible to allow time for AFABW to upgrade their membership to the special no-cost PREMIER membership and to allow time to upload and present their work as the writer desires.

NOTE: All stories submitted by the deadline will be given due attention. However, earlier submissions will have a benefit of more time for consideration.


0) There are no fees for story submissions.

1) Stories must be 100% written by submitting author (and any co-writers) and must be original works.

2) Writers may submit up to three (3) stories for potential inclusion within the upcoming AFABW short story compilation. Stories may be submitted via the AFABW website, or mailed to AFABW. Authors should also include a bio that could be published in the book, should their work be selected.

3) Online Submissions:

Writers who submit their stories online will receive a Premier AFABW online Membership at no cost ($75.00 value), which allows them to upload image and text files. Here is how writers may receive the no-cost AFABW Premier online membership and upload their work:

3a) Click “MEMBERS LOGIN” on the left side of the AFABW website

3b) Click “Sign In For FREE”

3c) Click “FREE Sign In”

3d) Enter registration details (and ignore the credit card information). Writers will need to note the login and password information they created. The login and password will be needed to upload stories.

3e) Writers should select an art genre near the bottom under “SELECT CATEGORY” (writers may select more than one category). This determines where their stories will appear within the AFABW online ARTISTS DIRECTORY.

3f) NOTE: Writers will “not” be able to upload their stories and author’s bio until their membership is upgraded to PREMIER by AFABW staff. Writers will receive an email within 48 hours notifying them that their PREMIER membership ($75 value) has been upgraded for no cost. At that point, they can login and see the simple instructions to upload written works. If notification is not received within 48 hours, writers should send an email reminder (see CONTACTS below) in case their email address was typed incorrectly during registration, or in case the email notification from AFABW did not make it to the writer’s email inbox.

Writers who already have a “FREE” or “ASSOCIATES” ($20.00 value) online AFABW membership who wish to have their stories considered for the AFABW short story compilation book should scroll down to “CONTACTS” and simply request the no-cost upgrade.

Writers who already have a PREMIER online AFABW membership who wish to have their stories considered for the AFABW short story compilation book should scroll down to “CONTACTS” and simply request a no-cost, one-year extension of their Premier membership.

4) Mail-in Submissions:

Writers are welcome to mail their stories and author’s bio on a CD to AFABW for potential inclusion within the AFABW short story compilation book.

4a) Mail no more than three (3) stories on a single CD.

4b) Be sure to label the CD with name, address, email and phone number as well as the story titles.

4c) Mailed-in CDs will not be returned and AFABW is not responsible for the condition in which such may arrive. Writers should package digital media to handle the adventures of international mail and/or the United States Postal Service and/or any other package delivery service.


Artists For A Better World International
5125 Hollywood Blvd. #13
Hollywood, CA 90027

Writers whose work has been selected through a hierarchy of judging processes will be notified by email that one or more of their stories are a FINALIST for the AFABW short story compilation book. At that time, confirmation of additional information that would potentially be published, such as author’s bio and website, will be requested by a certain date, which may be a week or two, depending upon the production schedule at the time.

Note: The length and wording of the author’s biographies may need to be edited prior to publication, therefore it will be necessary to ensure timely communications.

It is the responsibility of the author to supply any such information in the time requested to be considered for the FINALIST SELECTIONS. A writer who is unable to respond in time, or unable to supply information as requested, will not be considered for the concluding FINALIST SELECTIONS which determines which works are ultimately published. (See Notifications below).

The completed short story compilation book will be available for purchase from the AFABW online store after it is completed later this year.

The AFABW short story book will be produced by a community of professionals who volunteer their time and resources to help writers and to help forward the purpose of AFABW, which, among others, is to help create a better world via aesthetics. There is no money requested from any writer to submit their work, or to be included in this book or any of the other 2008 AFABW publications. As well, there is no funding for complimentary copies of the book. Writers will have an opportunity to purchase this book for a short time after they are completed, at a specially discounted price, if they wish. The specially discounted price will not be available to the general public. The discount period is usually several weeks and is announced via the AFABW Art Line eNewsletter.

Information about the special discount for writers who are included in the book, as well as other AFABW publications, will be available through the monthly AFABW Art Line eNewsletter (and will not be noted in the online store).

It is the responsibility of the wrtier to ensure that they are subscribed to the free monthly Art Line eNewsletter (See Notifications below) so they may be aware of the AFABW short story compilation book’s release.


Wrtiers are strongly advised to register for a free subscription to the monthly Art Line eNewsletter to receive news and updates about these publications, as well as other AFABW information. Register for the Art Line on the home page of the AFABW website. (Art Line registration is a separate and additional process, as compared to registering for an AFABW online membership).

Writers should ensure that their AFABW online contact information is correct and up to date so they may be contacted should their work be selected into any of the publications.


Writers maintain all original rights to their work. By mailing work to AFABW, or uploading work to the AFABW website, or in any way providing stories or any other art to AFABW, writers are granting the right to AFABW to include their stories within the AFABW short story compilation book (should their story be selected) and to use it for promotional purposes.

Click here for information on the on AFABW website Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

For information on submitting artwork for the book cover, see 2008 AFABW Call for Fine Art.

Be sure to include the term “AFABW” in the subject line of emails so that the message is given priority handling.

Contact R. Mate for questions regarding short story submissions:
artday@artistsforabetterworld.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact Jerry Keane for questions on fine art submissions: jerry@artistsforabetterworld.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact David Repchuk for questions regarding no-cost AFABW Premier Membership upgrades: david@artistsforabetterworld.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For general AFABW questions, send an email to info@artistsforabetterworld.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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