2009 AFABW Arts Festival (with photos)

November 7, 2009 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World wrapped up its ninth Arts Festival this evening, held at Celebrity Centre International. The annual celebration of art, education, concerts, dance, awards and artist networking included celebrities and industry professionals sharing their experiences with attendees seeking to expand their careers in the arts.

AFABW member, Barbara Cordova Oliver, remarked about the festival, “The beauty of the the Art festival is that it is a microcosm of an ideal world where artists with diverse creations and backgrounds come together and uplift viewers and audiences with their works.”

Fine Art exhibits were on display in and around the Garden Pavilion including Irma Adams, JaJa Dario, Truong Buu Giam, David Eddington, Chris Dellorco, Olivier Pojzman, Sioux Hart, Maria Leon, Marianne Angeles, Vern Corban, Armineh Temourian, Rafik Aghakhanian, Petrina Sharp, Curtis Jones, Dave Repchuk, Caleb Repchuk, and Joan Boodnick.

Bobbi Brunoehler and Jule Rotenberg hosted the “Kids Creative Corner,” which included art activities for anyone with a a young heart. Jessica Headstream and Madison Brunoehler were the face-painting artists in residence and Linda Headstream was the Queen of Crafts. Additionally, members of the Celebrity Centre Boy Scout troop, Chris Savage, Tim Sims, Robin Farrow, Andrew Farrow, and Nishan Mood set up a “Monkey bridge” (rope bridge) for kids of all ages to test their rope walking skills.

Ian Espinoza hosted the “Life Drawing” event, while encouraging and offering instructions to attendees to sketch a series of live models. Artists of all experience levels drew remarkable representations of the models on the spot. Espinoza remarked, “I observe that many people get insecure about the subject of drawing, due to self and others invalidation, but when you get them going they start having fun and realize it is something they can do.”

Danny Kaplansky hosted the live poetry reading which featured a variety of creative, inspirational and passionate poets and proclaimed that “Artists are truly making it a better world.” Following are some of the poets who read their work:

Russel Salamon Carol Worthey
Jessie Wilson Danny Kaplansky
Regina Tercero Barbara Ellingston
Roberta Perry Jeff Harman

Grammy-nominated Harriet Schock hosted the “Musicians Showcase” and said, “The people who had never been to this showcase were enthralled and loved the way they sounded on the fabulous sound system with Ken Hall running sound. They loved the other performers and the exquisite surroundings. It was a special day all ‘round.”

Here are the artists who performed at the “Musicians Showcase”:

Andrea Ross-Greene Jeff Charreaux Steve Spataro
Barry Keenan Bettie Ross (with Tom Little
Duff Watrous (with Frank Blumer) Jim Isaak
George Biner & Vini) Margaret MacDonald Noellia Goodman
Harriet Schock John Duyn Shalini Varghese
Kelly DeSarla Jim Bouchard Anna Aufseeser
Gari Geiselman Michelle Krell Malone Michele Vreeland

Pro author/screenwriter Kelly Reno and producer/director/writer Eric Sherman hosted the “How to Create a Novel/Script that Sells” workshop. Kelly said, “One of the highlights of the afternoon was when Eric and I spoke about the great power writers have within them – the power to change the world with a story.”

Celebrity vocal coach, Jeannie Deva, hosted two events: her “Vocal Workshop for Singers and Actors” and “Performance Workshop for Singers and Actors.” Attendees at her workshops reflected a cross section of singers from beginners to several multi-platinum recording artist celebrities. Attendee, Sarah Boutwell of “The Platinum Blondes” wrote afterwards, “The drills and discoveries I’ve made today are going to completely affect my vocal skills. Since meeting Jeannie Deva I feel vocally free. Today I feel relieved to understand the performance audience relationship. Thank you Jeannie Deva for sharing your passion and love for music and vocal awareness with all of us!”

In the evening, the AFABW Awards Event and Concert featured entertainment by Hip Hype Kids, Gilli Moon, Saint Genevieve High School Boy’s Dance Team, J. Walker, Barbara Cordova Oliver and the Church of Scientology Choir. Comic/writer Richard Stewart was Master of Ceremonies. The AFABW Awards Event and Concert honors community-minded artists whose accomplishments have positively impacted society. The 2009 AFABW award recipients were: Outstanding Contribution as an Artist – Truong Buu Giam; Setting a Good Artistic Example – Dave Eddington; Social Betterment Award – Olivier Pojzman; Humanitarian Award – Michael Cory Davis; Outstanding Young Artist – Jades Goudreault; and the Lifetime Achievement Award – Chris Dellorco.

AFABW President, George Alger, stated “Artists For A Better World is about helping others through aesthetics.”

By uplifting the culture through aesthetics, by raising the awareness of artists and others about the power the artist has in forwarding social betterment and by working with and supporting community service activities, AFABW and its members are making and inspiring positive changes in society.