AFABW Call for Short Film Submissions to be Viewed at CCI on 10/8/11

MovieAFABW is seeking high-quality compelling video projects to be featured at the 2011 AFABW Arts Festival on Saturday, October 8th, at Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, CA. Submissions can be short films, documentaries, PSA’s and music videos. Comedies, dramas, romance, fantasy, etc., are all acceptable.

The ideal project would make some sort of an uplifting statement that clarifies, enlightens or brings understanding to some area of life.

This effect can be created through humor, visual storytelling or characters. Please keep all films G rated.

The selected films will be presented in the Celebrity Centre International Theatre, at 5930 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA, as part the AFABW Arts Festival, at 4:00pm on October 8th, 2011. There is no cost for submissions. There is a $5.00 donation to attend the viewing of the selections for the AFABW 2011 Short Film Festival.

DEADLINE: Sept 15th, 2011

LENGTH: Films can be up to 20 minutes long to be considered
for selection into the AFABW 2011 Short Film Festival.

SHORT FILM AWARD: Five minutes or less qualifies for the
“Best Short Film Award,” which will go to a movie that best
demonstrates the concept of making a better world.

HOSTED BY: Indie Film Producers, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir.

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Video creators retain full rights to their productions.

We look forward to seeing your short film!

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