9th Annual Artists For A Better World Arts Festival at Celebrity Centre International: 11/7/09

2009, 9th Annual Artists For A Better World Arts Festival

The 9th annual AFABW Arts Festival in Hollywood is coming on November, 7, 2009. Perhaps you have some of the following questions:

What is the The Deva Method® that fills the theatre at Hollywood’s Celebrity Centre® with lead singers of Broadway musicals and other up-and-coming vocal artists?

What does producer/director Eric Sherman know that enables him to be a consultant to Universal Studios, Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures?

Why does published author Kelly Reno succeed in selling in every writing medium she’s tried? Which artists will be awarded for changing conditions in society through their aesthetic and social contributions?

How did a sweet, down-to-earth songwriter, Harriet Schock, make the leap to camera and Broadway plays, and who are her singer/songwriter guests? What will children left to their devices (with some supervision) create next?

How does Danny Kaplansky write poetry from the heart that touches all ages from all walks of life, and what cages are his poet guests rebelliously rattling?

Which attendees will draw live models the best?

What masterpieces have talented painters created this past year?

One event brings all of these arts vectors together on the beautiful grounds of the famous Celebrity Centre, 5930 Franklin Ave in Hollywood. The 9th Annual Artists for a Better World Arts Festival falls this year on November 7, 2009 and goes from 11am until 10pm. All artists and arts enthusiasts are welcome, along with their children. Prices for various activities range from free to $20.


11am-7pm Art Displays (free)

Noon-5pm Kids Creative Corner (free)

1pm-5pm Life Drawing hosted by pro artist Ian Espinoza ($5.00)

Noon-3pm Poetry Reading hosted by published poet Danny Kaplansky (free)

Noon-3pm Musicians Showcase hosted by Grammy-nominated Harriet Schock ($10.00)

1pm-4pm How to Create a Novel/Script that Sells with pro author/screenwriter Kelly Reno and producer/director/writer Eric Sherman ($20.00)

1pm-3pm Vocal Workshop for Singers and Actors hosted by celebrity vocal coach Jeannie Deva ($20.00)

3:30-5pm Performance Workshop for Singers and Actors hosted by Jeannie Deva ($20.00 or $35.00 for both)

7:30-10pm Awards Event and Spectacular Concert ($10.00) featuring entertainment by Hip Hype Kids, Blair Perkins, Gilli Moon, Saint Genevieve High School Boy’s Dance Team, J. Walker, Barbara Cordova Oliver and the Church of Scientology Choir. Comic/writer Richard Stewart is Master of Ceremonies.

To make online payments for event tickets, click on Festival Donations.