A Call to All Artists

Barbara Cordova Oliver

Barbara Cordova Oliver

A call to all Artists who want to join Artists for a Better World and create a better world through aesthetics!

We live in a degraded society where madmen work to control the masses and make our lives very uncomfortable so the things that really matter such as good art often take a back seat!

With high taxes, increased gas prices and higher cost of living in many states this results in having to work extra hard to make ends meet. This means less time to work on one’s art and creative endeavors. It is often a struggle to make a living as an artist, and other income sources must be sought.

The type of art promoted by the mainstream these days often aligns with the degradation of society and is highly awarded. This causes people to go along with the agreement that things such as violence, crime, drugs, immorality, perversion and just general chaos is the norm.

As an individual artist it is often a struggle against the masses to be heard. The amount and cost of promotion that one must do can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming. Many have given up or just occasionally do their art. Yet there is so much talent out there that deserves to be seen and heard on a broad scale.

One of the main reasons I formed AFABW was to have a platform for artists who share our aims to inject the world with art that uplifts, inspires and makes positive change. By joining up with other artists who share a similar vision, there becomes more power in numbers and can be the popular thing to do. This can then become the norm!

I have worked with hundreds of artists over the years who share our vision and have taken part in our projects and events. We have established a Facebook Group where we welcome old and new members to post their creative works as well as activities they are doing to help create a better world. We also have upcoming events artists can attend and participate in which can be seen on our web site and Facebook group.

In addition to promoting “better world” artists, we also support top social betterment groups who play a key part in handling the negative elements in society that are causing rapid decay. One of the biggest problems on the planet is the drug situation, which has taken the lives of countless thousands of people over the years including numerous artists. Therefore at our upcoming events we will also have literature from the Foundation for a Drug Free World.

Barbara Cordova Oliver
Founder, Artists For A Better World

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