AFABW and Sharing Friends of the Arts

October 29, 1997 — Los Angeles, CA: Artists For a Better World participated in the production of a benefit to support Sharing Friends of the Arts and the Artery USA, a non-profit that was founded by Pasqual Bettio, photographer and assemblage artist. The event was held at Celebrity Centre International and the group has the purpose of creating opportunities for the world to appreciate all forms of art through encouraging, promoting, and advancing the arts and the artists of the world. The executive producer of the event was Joe Cassini, Broadway and Vegas dance choreographer.

AFABW Founder Barbara Cordova Oliver helped with talent coordination and the selection of entertainers. She also performed her song Mission of the Artist with a group of singers. Founding member Lynda Hubbard also took part in the opening performance which kicked off with the modeling of unique clothing designs by Pasqual set to choreographed movements to show them off.

Over 60 performers took part, and acts included songs & dances from Broadway musicals, as well as original tunes.

Pasqual talked about the purpose of Sharing friend of the arts – and states “Art is universal it its ability to communicate all emotions to inspire. It provides a timeless vehicle without limits to advance understanding and appreciation of a common humanity among diverse cultures within communities across the world.”