AFABW at Local Fair

June 15, 1997 — Los Angeles, CA:  Thousands of people came to this popular fair, and hundreds visited our booth.

We had art from some of our members, group promo, as well as our T Shirts. The booth attracted many people who expressed strong interest in AFABW, and we gave them our brochures.

As we also support social betterment 150 booth visitors were surveyed as to which areas of society they wanted handled for the better. The number one area of interest was improving education. There was also a strong interest in handling drug abuse. We gave out 200 magazines for The Association of Better Living and Education (ABLE), which handles the above. On the survey people could also indicate if they wanted more info on how to help in these areas, and we got their contact info and forwarded it to ABLE

Those who took part in the fair were group founder, Barbara Cordova Oliver and founding members, Becky Mate and Lucille Femine.