AFABW at the Diversity Awards

MMPA LogoNovember 22, 2009 – Bel Air: Several Artists For A Better World members attended the Diversity Awards, an event produced by the Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) at the Luxe Hotel.  AFABW member, Carmelita Pittman, who is founder of the Rose Breast Cancer Society, also belongs to the MMPA.

The Association presents a continuing opportunity of bridging the gap between American cinematic culture and the international film community, many of whom have already been a part of the Diversity Awards.

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The MMPA, sponsors of the Diversity Awards, is comprised of individuals in the U.S. and international film communities, who share a common commitment to celebrating the diversity of ideas, stories, leadership, perspectives and talent throughout the various communication mediums.

As members arrived photos were taken of them on the red carpet, along with various celebrities. They were also interviewed by W-TV. This includes Carmelita Pittman, AFABW Founder Barbara Cordova Oliver, Yvonne Harrington, Teddy Chambers and Ana Paula and Thomas Ford.

Ana and Thomas also presented original Jimi Hendrix art work for a silent auction before the event. When the event began there was a stage auction of artwork, and Leon Hendrix (brother of Jimi and guests of Ana and Thomas) introduced one of his works.

Throughout the evening there were awards presented to a variety of film industry professionals, and celebrity performances.

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