AFABW Holiday Party

December 18, 2004 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World’s end-of-the-year holiday party and networking event featured the release of the AFABW 2005 Visual Arts Calendar. The event was held in the theatre at Celebrity Centre International and included autograph signings from the calendar artists.

AFABW President, George Alger, was the MC for the event. AFABW Founder, Barbara Oliver, gave a presentation about the importance of connecting up with Artists For A Better World and also performed her song, Athena.

Jeannette Hay spoke about AFABW expansion plans for 2005, including her establishment of AFABW “Arts Councils” to help create a better world through aesthetics.

Dee Dee O’Malley spoke about her plans for the AFABW monthly showcase for performing artists. She will produce her first one on January 27th, 2005 at Celebrity Centre International. Additionally, Dee Dee treated the audience to a performance of one of her original holiday songs.

Petrina Sharp (top right) presented the release of the AFABW 2005 Visual Arts Calendar (bottom right) and thanked each of the artists that were selected for inclusion in the calendar: Libby Berry, Connie Chagnon, Jeannette Hay, Curtis Jones, Jerry Keane, Laura Leifield, Peter Logan, Kasia Pawluskiewiez, Lura Schmiedeke, Alex Scott, Petrina Sharp, Pam Winterbottom. George Alger acknowledged Petrina and Jerry Keane for their superb design and production of the calendar. George also acknowledged Alexa Sharp, as the top salesperson for the Calendar sales. Alexa sold calendars by going door-to-door and promoting AFABW and the aesthetics of the calendars.

Vanessa Guerrero (top left), of the Celebrity Centre International Dance Association, delighted the audience with her dance performance. Writer/Poet, Thom Severtson, spoke about the formation of a new writers group and inspired the attendees with his poetry.

For the networking party portion of the event, artists autographed calendars and the audience networked and enjoyed the food while Val Gameiro (middle right), Claudia Perez and Vanessa Guerrero dazzled the audience with their impromptu dance and music performance.

AFABW The Way to Happiness booklets were also available for distribution. The Way to Happiness book outlines simple, practical and powerful guidelines for living that you can use to successfully steer your way down the road to a happy, successful life.

Many thanks to Larry Williams, who ran sound for the event; AFABW Treasurer, Becky Mate, who administrated calendar sales; AFABW Photographer, Jerry Keane, for photographing the event; and especially to Barbara Oliver, Jeannette Hay and Petrina Sharp for producing the event.

Artists For A Better World International is a worldwide network of artists who share a vision of creating a better world through aesthetics.