AFABW Holiday Party

December 13, 2003 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World International’s Holiday Party was held on the sixth floor at the Manor Hotel, overlooking Hollywood and downtown LA. Artists, revelers and attendees enjoyed the food, entertainment, video highlights, awards and good company.

Live entertainment was provided through the evening by: trombone player and performer extraordinaire, Jim Moseley (left photo); world-renown singer and vocal coach, Jeannie Deva (middle-right photo); platinum-selling singer/songwriter Harriet Schock, accompanied by Andrea Ross-Greene (lower-left photo); and AFABW Founder, Barbara Oliver.

AFABW President, George Alger and AFABW Founder, Barbara Oliver, (upper-right photo), noted highlights of the year’s expansion. They also presented commendations to some of the very many who contributed to making 2003 the best year ever for Artists For A Better World. It was through the help of countless supporters and volunteers that AFABW participated in or hosted numerous events throughout the year: including networking with other arts and social betterment organizations; raising money for good causes; marching down Hollywood to raise awareness about the importance of the arts; soliciting artists’ participation for social improvement purposes; helping artists to perform or present their work; hosting the 3rd annual AFABW Arts Festival; creating the monthly AFABW Showcase & Open Mic; and awarding artists for contributing to the creation of a better world through aesthetics.

Special recognition was given to Wren Taylor, who produced “Glass Walls,” the grand-prize winning play of the 2003 AFABW Playwriting Contest. Earlier in the year, AFABW hosted a “Worldwide Call For Plays” seeking scripts for the play contest. Tom Fair and Larry Williams were acknowledged for their continued production of the monthly AFABW Showcase & Open Mic.

Leslie Silton read a poem from “Bamboo Souls.” This limited edition poetry book was produced by Australian AFABW member, Diane Andrews, and includes global poets with their representations of peace. AFABW promoted a “Worldwide Call For Poetry” earlier in the year seeking submissions for the project.

AFABW Founder, Barbara Oliver said, “This has been the best year ever for our group as we help to build a better world through aesthetics.”

As part of the networking and socializing, artists discussed ideas for further expansion in 2004 (lower-right photo).