March 18, 2001 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World LIVE! featured a showcase of performing artists at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International’s Garden Pavilion. Rock, jazz, dance, comedy, and poetry energized, endeared and entertained the crowd.

Performers: Jan Houston, Mike Shadowski, Ruthia Rios, Diane Shipley, Chelsea Williams, Alexandria and Klim, Candace Newland, Kim Yarbrough, Miriam Little, Nancy Reeves, Mosaic, Carmel Cooper, Ellen Cooper, Jose Miguel, Cherisse and Desiree Granier

Artists For A Better World Director of the show, Anne Aylor said, “Artists For A Better World is all about artists inspiring and creating a better environment in which we can all enjoy.” Ms. Aylor is also in charge of all the performing arts events for the upcoming September International Arts Festival.

Capping off the evening was Singer/Songwriter/Guitar Player, Shadow Sky, performing his world debut of the artists’ anthem “You Are Free.”