AFABW Nominations Overview (Coming in 2019)

AFABW Award Nominations
Each year outstanding artists are nominated and selected for an Artists For A Better World International “Creating A Better World” award. The awardees are artists who have made contributions to the betterment of their fellow man, community, and/or world through the use of aesthetics. Stated another way, these artists are “helping others” through their work.

Nominate your favorite artists for an award today! Artists of all religions, nationalities, creeds, races and cultures may be nominated for these awards. In short, any artists who contribute to the creation of a better world are eligible to receive these awards.

In the past, these awards have been presented each year in Hollywood, CA, as part of the AFABW Annual Awards Event & Concert.  Stay tuned for how the Awards Event will be featured in 2019!

AFABW Artist Awards

SPIRIT OF YOUTH AWARD: “For dedicated service inspiring our youth towards the creation of a better world through aesthetics.”

OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION AS AN ARTIST: “For outstanding contribution of your art and creative abilities towards the creation of a better world through dedicated service as a community volunteer.”

SETTING A GOOD ARTISTIC EXAMPLE: “For setting a good example as an artist towards the creation of a better world and helping other artists direct their aesthetic inspiration towards improving our world, thereby creating a better future for us all.”

ARTISTS FOR A BETTER WORLD LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: “For a lifetime of dedication towards the creation of a better world through aesthetics. For elevating the understanding and importance of the arts within our culture.”

HUMANITARIAN ARTIST: “For long-term devotion (minimum 10 years) to the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms, through art, towards the creation of a better world.”

OUTSTANDING YOUNG ARTIST: “For personal commitment towards the creation of a better world through aesthetics.”

Award nominations close each year on midnight, August 15. Nominations received after will gladly be accepted for consideration for next year’s Awards.

Note: Nominations should be submitted by someone other than the nominee.

Note: AFABW Staff are not eligible for these awards.

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Stay tuned for application process.