AFABW Website Re-Released

February 25, 2001 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World Executives announced the website was being re-released.

Artists For A Better World President, George Alger, stated, “The web site allows us to facilitate the building of a world-wide network of artists who share our vision of creating a better world through aesthetics.”

Mr. Alger presented Web Project Manager, Kurt Harwood, with an award “In recognition of his aesthetic and technical expertise dedicated towards the design and implementation of the Artists For A Better World web site.”

Mr. Harwood guided the audience through a tour of the Artists For A Better World web site. He showed how each artist has 3 pieces of their work represented in the “Artists Directory,” as well as their photo and artist biography. Mr. Harwood said, “This web site is an inspiring art project in progress.”

Mr. Harwood explained how the web site would be expanding and how each artist would be gaining more and more exposure for their art. Mr. Harwood further stated, “Our web site has a purpose of promoting artists through graphic, audio, video and/or textual media via the internet.” He called on actors, composers, dancers, digital & animation artists, film & entertainment artists, fine artists, musicians, photographers, poets, songwriters, writers and other artists to send him 3 representations of their art to be featured on the web site.

The Director of the upcoming International Arts Festival, Jeannette Hay, briefed the audience on the upcoming weeklong celebration of creativity, arts and artists or all disciplines from around the world, which will be occurring September 16-23, 2001, at Celebrity Centre International. Ms. Hay stated “Our web site is a vital communication media connecting artists from all parts of the globe with the purpose of coordinating aesthetics to create a ‘Golden Age of Art’ in our world.”

The Founder of Artists For A Better World, Ms. Barbara Cordova Oliver, encouraged artists to get their work on the web site as soon as possible, “Promoting your art through the Artists For A Better World web site is key to establishing a network of artists united towards the creation of a more positive environment in which we all can live, by injecting large doses of high quality art into society.”