Art Day

International Art Day : A Holiday for the ArtsArtists for A Better World International member, Becky Mate, is the founder of an international holiday — for the Arts as well as for artists themselves of all disciplines.  The holiday is aptly called Art Day.

This holiday falls annually on the second Friday in August.

Since 1998, Mate has tirelessly inspired and encouraged others to spread the word about this holiday to artists and art enthusiasts around the globe

The result has been a growing number Art Day celebrations with each passing year.

Art Day is the perfect time to celebrate creativity and bring joy to others:

  • Draw a picture
  • Compose a song
  • Write a poem or story
  • Paint
  • Have a party!

Additionally, give a card, photo, music CD, poem, story or anything creative to someone else.

In short, Art Day is about bringing a smile to others and forwarding the concept of creating a better world though aesthetics.

Although Art Day was formulated around a particular date to celebrate creativity, ideally, one would forward creativity all year round. Art Day helps to call attention to its importance.

What do you think about having a day dedicated to artists?

What would you commit to doing on such a day to show your support for artists and the arts?

Click “Contact” and email your thoughts.

Art Day 2015 Mail Art & Music Links

Art Day Games
We hope you have a Happy Art Day on the second Friday in August. This year it is Aug 14, 2015!

The top picks of both Mail Art and Music, will be featured on the AFABW website.

It is also traditional for the Mail Art to be on display at the annual celebration of Art Day by its founder, Becky Mate, artist and resident of Sunland, California, USA. She said, “I am so encouraged to see artists from all over the world taking the time to send a small example of their creativity to Artists For A Better World. That which we all have in common as Mankind is creative, and this creative force can and does create a better world.”

If you’d like to participate, do the following:

1.The theme of this year’s Mail Art and Music Celebration is “Creativity of the Spirit.”

2. Send your Mail Art to Mail Art, c/o Randall Mate, 7862 Apperson St, Sunland, CA 91040, USA.

3. Send a link to your Music (up to three pieces) to Please include your name and address.

3. Deadline: 5pm on August 7, 2015 (Pacific Time)

Thank you for your support, celebration and dissemination of a global day for the arts, international Art Day, second Friday in August. The rewards from rehabilitating the ability to do art and the elevation of the the artist to leadership/visionary status are many times worth the effort.

For more information, email Becky Mate by visiting “Contact