World Art Day

World Art Day

Artists for A Better World International member, Becky Mate, founded an international holiday for the Arts in 1998, aptly called World Art Day.

This holiday falls annually on the 15th of April, the same day as the birth of world-famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci (1452).

Leonardo da Vinci’s areas of interest included invention, drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany and more. He is widely considered one of the greatest painters of all time, with two of his most widely known works including Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

Since 1998, Mate has inspired and encouraged others to spread the word about this holiday to artists and art enthusiasts around the globe. The result has been a growing number of World Art Day celebrations with each passing year.

For many years the holiday was celebrated on the second Friday in August.  In 2017, Mate announced the move of the holiday from August to April 15th, in a gesture of solidarity with a like-minded group that established World Art Day on da Vinci’s birthday.

World Art Day is the perfect time to celebrate creativity and bring joy to others:

  • Draw a picture
  • Compose a song
  • Write a poem or story
  • Paint
  • Create and send Mail Art
  • Have a party!

Additionally, give a card, photo, music CD, poem, story or anything creative to someone else.

In short, World Art Day is about bringing a smile to others and forwarding the concept of creating a better world through aesthetics.

Although World Art Day was formulated around a particular date to celebrate creativity, ideally, one would forward creativity all year round. World Art Day helps to call attention to its importance.

  • What do you think about having a day dedicated to artists?
  • What would you commit to doing on such a day to show your support for artists and the arts?


Art Day Poetry:

By R.L. Mate

Twas the night fore World Art Day
When all through the hush
Not an artist was stirring
Not even a brush.

Magic Picture Frame hung
By the chimney with care
In hopes that art gifts would
Soon would be there.

The children all nestled
All snug in their beds
Visions of music and art in their heads

Mama in her jewelry and me in my cap
Had just settle down for a long April nap
When out of the lawn there was such a clatter
I spring from the bed to see what was the matter
Away to the window, flying like a flash
Open the shutters, throw up the sash

The moon on the grass of the newly-mown lawn
Gave a magic to all just before dawn
When what to my wondering eyes did appear
But a Poet, Musician and Playwright, so queer.

With a little young Dancer so lively and quick
I knew in a moment she must do a trick
More rapid than eagles her backup they came
They set up with drummers and guitars and sang:

Now Singer, now Dancer
Now Artist and Sculptor
On Writer, on Poet
On Movie Director!

To the top of the charts
Top of them all
Art away, art away, art away all!!