Art Day

International Art Day : A Holiday for the ArtsArtists for A Better World International member, Becky Mate, is the founder of an international “Holiday For The Arts” as well as for artists themselves of all disciplines.  The holiday is aptly called Art Day.

This holiday falls annually on the second Friday in August.

Since 1998, Mate has tirelessly inspired and encouraged others to spread the word about this holiday to artists and art enthusiasts around the globe

The result has been a growing number Art Day celebrations with each passing year.

(See below for information about creating your own Art Day party).

Art Day is the perfect time to celebrate creativity and bring joy to others:

  • Draw a picture
  • Compose a song
  • Write a poem or story
  • Paint
  • Have a party!

Additionally, give a card, photo, music CD, poem, story or anything creative to someone else.

AFABW members have created Art Day Greeting Cards that emphasize the theme, “Celebrate Creativity.” (Visit the AFABW online Store to view them.)

In short, Art Day is about bringing a smile to others and forwarding the concept of creating a better world though aesthetics.

Although Art Day was formulated around a particular date to celebrate creativity, ideally, one would forward creativity all year round. Art Day helps to call attention to its importance.

What do you think about having a day dedicated to artists?

What would you commit to doing on such a day to show your support for artists and the arts?

Click “Contact” and email your thoughts.

Art Day 2013


SUNLAND, CA. International Art Day falls on Friday, August 9th this year. At the residence of Randy and Becky Mate, on Apperson Street in Sunland, from 4-9pm, there will be the usual free Community Art and Chocolate Party, where children create at the Kids Table, and an “open mic” where adult guests recite poetry or show visual art or sing a song or read a scene. State Farm agent Evelyn Cala sponsors the Kids Art Hunt (like an Easter Egg Hunt, but for art supplies.) Guests can bring a potluck item and enjoy the hotdogs and hamburgers provided by Sunland contractor New Castle Remodeling. Mail Art from around the world will be on display, gathered by and the latest paintings of local artists will be revealed.

“There are some who want to tear down artists as ‘crazy,’” says Mate, ” but I like to recognize the arts and artists, by means of their own holiday each year, second Friday in August. Artists are cultural leaders, so support those, of all disciplines, who take the culture where you want it to go. Love the Artist!”

Sunland is the Home of the Art Day Games; they continue this year with three events and entry is free. For adults, there will be a Short Script Competition and a Sketching/Drawing Competition. For the first time there will be a Coloring/Art Competition for children as part of the new Junior Art Day Games. Contestants play for the country where they live, where they were born, or where one of their parents was born.

The McGroarty Arts Center will award a “Drawing Class” gift certificate to the Gold medal winner, valued up to $90. Also, Bronze, Gold and Silver medal winners of the Art Day Games will get small monetary and other prizes, sponsored by

The judge for the child and adult visual art competitions will be singer/writer/producer Barbara Joy Cordova author of the novel Mission of the Artist. Since the Art Day Games are live contests (like the Olympics, but for art), the judges can require criteria that ensures the art is created now and not previously. Cordova’s theme, “Get High on Art, Say No to Drugs” encourages the importance of “creation” and discourages the “destruction” of drug abuse. She said, “Sometimes only the negative ‘Say No to Drugs’ is emphasized, but it is important also to suggest an exciting, positive alternative, ‘Get High on Art.’”

The judge for the Short Script Competition will be Rebecca L. Mate, who has written over a dozen scripts, twice finalist, and who has a script-turned-novel on Amazon’s Kindle, entitled, “Romeo’s Sister and Juliet’s Brother.” Screenwriters will be emailed instructions on August 8th, and have until noon August 9th to email in their submission (unless they attend the Art and Chocolate Party, where the deadline is 6:00pm—so that guests may participate if they wish.) Winners need not attend, but will be announced around 7pm, and there will be a “table read” of the winning shorts.

To RSVP, to get on the Short Script contestant list, or for more information, email Becky Mate by visiting “Contact

Have a Party and Celebrate Art Day with Your Friends and Family!

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