Festival Guidelines For Visual Art Exhibit

Exhibit Your “Better World” Fine Art!

Display Space:

Celebrity Centre International provides a safe, drug free space where artists can create in a friendly, supportive environment. We request that all material be clean and family oriented. Also, there are no drugs or alcohol allowed on the grounds. All art will be displayed in or around the Garden Pavilion.

Display Donations:

♥ Display donations are $35.00. (Bring your online receipt as proof of payment).

♥ NOTE: If paid before Sept 30, a $10.00 rebate will automatically be credited back to the online payment source, usually within 24 hours. (Which will reduce the payment to only $25.00).

♥ All visual artists who have donated for a display space may attend any or all of the festival events for no additional cost.



Artist Display Details:

♥ Artwork needs to be displayed by 10:00am, in the Garden Pavilion area at Celebrity Centre International, 5930 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90029, (323-960-3100). Display space priority is based upon order of arrival.

♥ Each piece of art must have artist’s name and contact information on the back.

♥ All art should be appropriately framed.

♥ Artist must have easel or display walls for each piece of art.

♥ Each artist may display 4 (four) pieces of art up to 36″ x 48″ in size.

Juried Awards:

Judges will be reviewing the exhibited fine art through the day. Awards will be issued by the end of the day. Additionally, there will be “People’s Choice” awards presented as a result of attendee voting.


Artists For A Better World is not responsible for losses or damage to artwork. All precautions will be taken by AFABW volunteers as well as the production and security personnel in charge of the Garden Pavilion to see that the art work is protected, but ultimate responsibility lies with the artist.


For any sales of art, music, etc., artists are requested to donate 20% of the proceeds to Artists for a Better World.

However, please note that the entire Arts Festival and the fine art displays are not intended as sales opportunities. All the events and activities, including the fine art exhibition, are presented and coordinated by volunteers as a public benefit activity and ‘not’ a sales event.


Artists For A Better World is dedicated to building a worldwide network of artists who share a vision of creating a better world through aesthetics.

In addition to the annual arts festival, AFABW creates music CDs, poetry anthologies, short story books, visual art calendars and other collaborative creative projects that include artists from around the globe.

By raising the awareness of artists and others about the power the artist has in forwarding social betterment and by working with and supporting community service activities, AFABW and its members are making and inspiring positive changes in society.

AFABW welcomes ideas and suggestions from any and all artists, art enthusiasts and social betterment groups about ways we can work together to create a better world.

For further exhibition info or questions, click “Contact.”