AFABW Arts Festival Announcement

Jeannette Hay announcing first AFABW Arts Festival, which would be held 10 months later.  This photo taken on Dec 10, 2000.

Jeannette Hay announced the 2001 AFABW Arts Festival, to be held in 10 months.

December 10, 2000 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World executives held a meeting at the Church of Scientology International to announce the International Arts Festival that will occur September 16-23, 2001.

Artists For A Better World President, George Alger, presented an overview of the International Arts Festival events that would take place on the grounds of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International. Mr. Alger stated “The September International Arts Festival will be a weeklong celebration of creativity, arts and artists of all disciplines from around the world.”

The Executive Director of the International Arts Festival, Jeannette Hay, briefed the audience on her experience putting on such events for the past 11 years in Toronto, Canada, and noted that her last Arts Festival had over 6000 attendees. Ms. Hay said that the purpose of the International Arts Festival is “To get an abundance of artists together to coordinate, expand and forward the positive effects artists create in our world through aesthetics.”

A lively audience discussion engendered enthusiastic ideas in support of the festival and artists volunteered to participate in the production of the September event.