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Art Day 2015 Call for Mail Art & Music Links

International Art Day : A Holiday for the ArtsSince 2005, it has been a tradition on international Art Day, for artists to send Mail Art to show their support for a day dedicated to the arts and artists of all disciplines.

Mail Art is either a postcard or an artistic envelope, a personal expression by an artist. It is not the contents of an envelope, but the envelope itself.

Another of the global activities that AFABW is sponsoring this year is the Music Celebration of the Art Day Games (like the Olympics, but for the arts.) This is the fourth year of the Art Day Games; prior years celebrated visual art, poetry, photography and screenwriting.

We hope you have a Happy Art Day on the second Friday in August. This year it is August 14, 2015!

The top picks of both Mail Art and Music, will be featured on the AFABW website. It is also traditional for the Mail Art to be on display at the annual celebration of Art Day by its founder, Becky Mate, artist and resident of Sunland, California, USA. She said, “I am so encouraged to see artists from all over the world taking the time to send a small example of their creativity to Artists For A Better World. That which we all have in common as Mankind is creative, and this creative force can and does create a better world.”

If you’d like to participate, do the following:

1.The theme of this year’s Mail Art and Music Celebration is “Creativity of the Spirit.”

2. Send your Mail Art to Mail Art, c/o Randall Mate, 7862 Apperson St, Sunland, CA 91040, USA.

3. Send a link to your Music (up to three pieces) to Please include your name and address.

3. Deadline: 5pm on August 7, 2015 (Pacific Time)

For more information, email Becky Mate by visiting “Contact.“

Thank you for your support, celebration and dissemination of a global day for the arts, international Art Day, second Friday in August. The rewards from rehabilitating the ability to do art and the elevation of the the artist to leadership/visionary status are many times worth the effort.

Winners of “Celebrate Local Beauty” Photo Contest

Gold Photo, USA, Art Day Games 2014

Gold Photo, USA, Art Day Games 2014

September 1st, 2014 — Sunland, CA: Winners of the Photography Competition of the 2014 Art Day Games (which are like the Olympics, but for the arts) were announced on August 8, 2014 at the Community Art Day celebration at the home of Art Day’s Founder & Photography Judge, Becky Mate. Mate, an Artists For A Better World member, said, “I am so appreciative that Artists For A Better World sponsored this competition on a global basis. It allows countries to show off their artists the way that they show pride in their sports figures.”

Participants played for the country where they live, where they were born or where a parent was born. Victoria Iafrate, whose parents are from Texas, won the Gold for the USA, for a photo of her own “local beauty,” her daughter Zelda. “I like to take photos of my kids,” said Iafrate, “You get to capture things, the rare moments, that you can never get back. Photography can give you a different outlook on things, the truth, for example a photo of a homeless person can make us realize that it is not all butterflies and rainbows out there.”

The Silver award went to El Salvador due to a magical photo of a tree, lights, and books taken by Claudia Chicas. “I see magic and beauty in many things. I like to take happy views because they make you feel better and feel happy about life,” said Chicas, “And, photos are a fingerprint left in history.”

Angelique Suganuma brought home the Bronze for Japan, for her photo of her home in Japan. Her mother is from the USA and her father is from France, so she had options as to which country to play for. “People like viewing my photographs because they are seeing things they haven’t seen before,” said Suganuma, “And it makes them want to reach out beyond their immediate area and go to places they have never been.”

Each participant in the Art Day Games won a small monetary prize. The winners won a bit larger monetary prizes and each received a gift bag filled with arts-related loot, such as poetry books, colored pencils, small watercolor paintings, etc.

“The theme of the Photography Competition, ‘Celebrate Local Beauty,’ was inspired by one of the purposes of a world Art Day,” said Mate, “which is for people of the world to take a moment on the second Friday in August to appreciate the artists and culture and beauty which touches their lives.”

For more information about the annual Art Day holiday, second Friday in August, or about the upcoming 2015 Art Day Games, email

Silver Photo, El Salvador, Art Day Games 2014

Silver Photo, El Salvador, Art Day Games 2014

Bronze Photo, Japan, Art Day Games 2014

Bronze Photo, Japan, Art Day Games 2014

Art Day 2014 Photography Celebration

Art Day GamesInternational Art Day, a holiday for the arts begun in 1998 by Artists For A Better World (AFABW) member Becky Mate, will soon be here.

We hope you have a Happy Art Day on the second Friday in August.  This year it is 8-8-14!

One of the global activities that AFABW is sponsoring this year is the Photography Celebration  of the Art Day Games (like the Olympics, but for the arts.)

Accordingly, the Art Day Games are played for the country where you live, or were born or where a parent was born. In 2013, Ireland won the Gold for the Short Script Competition of the Art Day Games. The year before, Sweden won the Bronze in the Poetry Competition and India excelled in the Painting Competition.

Each participant will win either a very small monetary prize or an arts-related prize. The Gold, Bronze and Silver status will go to the top picks, who will be featured on the AFABW website.

If you’d like to participate in the Photography Competition, simply do the following:

1. The theme of the first Photography Competition of the Art Day Games is “Celebrate Local Beauty.”

2. Send up to three photos in digital form to

3. Include your name, email and address and the COUNTRY you are playing for.

4. Deadline: 5pm on August 8, 2014 (Pacific Time)

Grab your cameras or cell phones, and let the Art Day Games begin!!!

Musicians In Action Guild

Musicians in Action GuildJuly 28th, 2013 — Nashville, TN: Several musicians in Nashville, Tennessee have taken the AFABW Pledge to The Arts and adopted it for the Musicians In Action Guild. Formed in 2009, the Musicians In Action Guild is a Gung-Ho group affiliated with the Church of Scientology in Nashville.

The Guild is now in its fifth season of delivering quality showcases, concerts and benefits for no charge to attendees. Additionally, the Guild has supported the many music and personal improvement seminars given at Celebrity Centre Nashville over the last four years.

Now that the Guild has been recognized with a Federal ‘Charitable Organization’ status the following projects are authorized for immediate funding to support its continuance and expansion. Read More…

4th of July Weekend Festival

Get High on ArtJuly 6, 2013 – Hollywood, CA: Today’s 4th of July Weekend Festival at Celebrity Centre International was co-produced with Artists for a Better World. Arts and crafts activities for kids were featured, which included painting and drawing, as well as a clay sculpting table provided by Jule Rotenberg. Artists For A Word members, Dave, Caleb and Celeste Repchuk, ran this area. Dave Repchuk and Franklin Hoyt also displayed their original paintings.

When kids were not busy creating works of art they were spending their time at the water slide, petting zoo, riding ponies, or taking part in the water melon eating contest.

Noelle North ran the popular photo booth where attendees could wear various hats and have their pictures taken against the back drop of an American flag.

There was a Get High on Art, Say No To Drugs booth where both kids and adults could do drawings which forwarded the message of “encouraging the creation of art” and “discouraging the destruction of drugs”. This area was manned by Becky Mate with the help of Boris Radenovich.

Paul Godfrey and Marci Dean ran The Way to Happiness booth, and presented an array of booklets with various covers, where they promoted this social betterment activity.

Embellishing the festival were a variety of musicians that included: A band with Tim Corbo, Mark Simonian, Bud Hayes and Kevin Corbo. Also singing with them was Luba Meltzer. Other musicians who performed were Barbara Cordova Oliver, Shana O’Brien,The Insito Lirikal Group and duets with Rachel Lindley and Madison Johnson.

Other AFABW volunteers helping at the fest were Christina Hoyt and Jane Gall.