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Musicians In Action Guild

Musicians in Action GuildJuly 28th, 2013 — Nashville, TN: Several musicians in Nashville, Tennessee have taken the AFABW Pledge to The Arts and adopted it for the Musicians In Action Guild. Formed in 2009, the Musicians In Action Guild is a Gung-Ho group affiliated with the Church of Scientology in Nashville.

The Guild is now in its fifth season of delivering quality showcases, concerts and benefits for no charge to attendees. Additionally, the Guild has supported the many music and personal improvement seminars given at Celebrity Centre Nashville over the last four years.

Now that the Guild has been recognized with a Federal ‘Charitable Organization’ status the following projects are authorized for immediate funding to support its continuance and expansion.

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4th of July Weekend Festival

Get High on ArtJuly 6, 2013 – Hollywood, CA: Today’s 4th of July Weekend Festival at Celebrity Centre International was co-produced with Artists for a Better World. Arts and crafts activities for kids were featured, which included painting and drawing, as well as a clay sculpting table provided by Jule Rotenberg. Artists For A Word members, Dave, Caleb and Celeste Repchuk, ran this area. Dave Repchuk and Franklin Hoyt also displayed their original paintings.

When kids were not busy creating works of art they were spending their time at the water slide, petting zoo, riding ponies, or taking part in the water melon eating contest.

Noelle North ran the popular photo booth where attendees could wear various hats and have their pictures taken against the back drop of an American flag.

There was a Get High on Art, Say No To Drugs booth where both kids and adults could do drawings which forwarded the message of “encouraging the creation of art” and “discouraging the destruction of drugs”. This area was manned by Becky Mate with the help of Boris Radenovich.

Paul Godfrey and Marci Dean ran The Way to Happiness booth, and presented an array of booklets with various covers, where they promoted this social betterment activity.

Embellishing the festival were a variety of musicians that included: A band with Tim Corbo, Mark Simonian, Bud Hayes and Kevin Corbo. Also singing with them was Luba Meltzer. Other musicians who performed were Barbara Cordova Oliver, Shana O’Brien,The Insito Lirikal Group and duets with Rachel Lindley and Madison Johnson.

Other AFABW volunteers helping at the fest were Christina Hoyt and Jane Gall.

Film Festival

Filmmakers for a Better WorldJune 23, 2013 – Hollywood, CA: Film Makers for a Better World had their debut with a Film Festival today at Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

The group was founded by Award winning film maker Bayou Bennett-Lir. Assisting is her co-director and co-writer husband and film maker Daniel Lir. Daniel and Bayou are the founders of Dolce Films. (

Their motto “Let our dream team manifest your dream” has opened doors for them to work with several high profile clients. This includes Adidas, MTV, Nickelodeon, P.Diddy, Chase Bank, Atlantic Records and many more.

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Memorial Day Festival

Kids CraftsMay 25, 2013 – Hollywood, CA: A Memorial Day Festival took place on Sunday May 26th at Celebrity Centre International. It was co-produced with Artists for a Better World.

The Franklin Gardens were decorated with art displays by members Petrina Sharp and Dave Repchuk, as well as AFABW volunteers Karey and David Hamilton and Franklin Hoyt. Petrina also helped kids express their creativity by running the arts and crafts area. She was assisted by Rosy Hawkins. Other ambitious kids and teens had fun with the bouncy house, water slide and pony rides. Noelle North ran a photo booth where people could dress up in costume and have their pictures taken. AFABW volunteers Jane Gall, Loretta Gardea and Christina Hoyt also helped out with some of the activities.

Meanwhile, the grounds were filled with a variety of music. This includes a band with Tim Corbo, Mark Simonian, Bud Hayes and Kevin Corbo. Also singing with them was Luba Meltzer. Other musicians who performed were Jimi Yamagichi, AFABW Award winner, Diana Green and Calvin Joe, Nancy Daley and Lady Palmer. The band came back up to close out the event.

The open gates welcomed neighbors and people passing by, who came in for the festival and to get tours of Celebrity Centre.

AFABW 2013 “Call For Mail Art”

AFABW Mail Art CampaignArtists For A Better World International is calling upon global artists to send their mail art to AFABW by July 15, 2013. This mail art campaign honors artists as well as the establishment of an international holiday for the arts, referred to as “ART DAY,” which is celebrated on the second Friday in each August. (This year’s 15th annual Art Day falls on August 9, 2013).

“Mail Art” includes hand-decorated postcards, cards and/or envelopes that are sent through global postal services. It is not art inside an envelope; it is the envelope or postcard itself.

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