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Donate to AFABW Today!

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Donate to AFABW Today!

Artists For A Better World International is a network of worldwide artists uniting to make a difference in society. AFABW is funded by donations and by a tremendous amount of volunteer support.

Your donation helps AFABW raise awareness about the power the artist has in uplifting the culture through aesthetics. Your donation helps AFABW promote such artists through:

  • AFABW music CDs
  • AFABW poetry anthology books
  • AFABW short story books
  • AFABW fine art calendars and other art properties

Furthermore, your donation helps AFABW to:

  • Forward the celebration of “ART DAY” an international Holiday for the Arts, (second Friday in August)
  • Support our Arts Festivals and community service activities
  • Advance the cause of bettering the world through aesthetics

You are welcome to donate whatever your heart and means have the capacity to contribute. Whether that be a dollar or two, a few hundred bucks, or several thousand dollars.