“Groups” and How Do I Gain more Exposure in the AFABW Artists Directory?

One of the best ways to gain more exposure for your artwork in the AFABW ARTISTS DIRECTORY is to select yourself into one or more of the “AFABW Groups.” And it’s so SIMPLE!

Here is all you do:

A) Log into the AFABW Artists Directory

B) Click on “AFABW Groups”

C) Click on whichever group is pertinent to your work as an artist (whether that be Composers, Dancers, Fine Artists, Graphic Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Poets, Songwriters, Vocalists, Writers, etc.)

D) And finally, just click on “Join [Group]” and you’re done! You can join as many different art groups that represent the work you do.

Many visitors click on the various groups they are interested in, so if you are, for instance, a writer, you will want to join the “Writers Group” so that visitors who want to read stories will be able to see yours, too.