“Get High on Art, Say No to Drugs”

February 19, 2013 – Hollywood, CA: Artists For A Better World member, Barbara Joy Cordova, has launched a project entitled “Get High on Art, Say no to Drugs.”

The theme for the project is based on her story entitled “Mission of the Artist,” first written as a novel and then turned into a musical (co-written by Jean Garbutt).

A trailer of the musical is featured above, and more information is available at MissionOfTheArtist.org

Years ago Barbara came up with the idea for this story after working with lots of artists and seeing the importance of the impact of the arts on the culture. She also learned of the negative effects that they run into, a main one being suppression in their lives that often leads to the use of drugs. She was then inspired to write a story, that although fiction, is filled with much truth.

Story Line: A magical planet of artists was once threatened by forces of evil. Many left their homeland to find themselves on Earth. Here they are plagued by a world filled with drugs, crime and ignorance. Some of these artists seek to expose the truth about those that would dare to destroy creativity and society in general.

The plan is to get students and others to perform the musical at schools, and various venues to get this vital message out, and then to enlighten them on the dangers of drugs, and to channel their energies into creative projects.

Artists can contribute their talents as actors, visual artists, musicians, writers, etc. More ideas for this activity are currently in the making, and anyone who would like to contribute to this project is welcome to click contact at MissionOfTheArtist.org/contact


* Art is better than drugs; drugs tear you down; art puts back life into the world.

* Very uplifting. It brightened my day and I was personally inspired by this show. It reminded me of the level of aesthetic creation that once existed and contrasted it in a very real way with current planet Earth and the state of art here. It made me want to write that novel I’ve been meaning to.

* I always love live shows. It knocked me out of doldrums. I was very, very tired today and not very happy. But I’m feeling good now.

* Seeing artists perform inspired me to try to allow the artist in me to flourish and prosper and spread the message. Thank you!

* Artists are important and they will help the world to change and inspire others to change despite the challenges that they meet.