How Do I Become an AFABW “Featured Artist” and Get Published on the Home Page?

AFABW LogoArtists For A Better World International routinely features several of its member artists on the home page. The criteria to be considered as a “Featured Artist” is simple:

A) Publish some of your art in the AFABW Artists Directory

B) Include a photo of yourself (or at least an image of some sort)

Once your work is published in the Artists Directory, it will be available for review by visitors to the AFABW website, as well as the AFABW community.  At some point your work may be reviewed by AFABW personnel and considered for the home page.  There is nothing else required.

Note: Although you are welcome and encouraged to include any of your art website links in your AFABW Artists Directory profile, you do need to actually include your work within the Artists Directory itself.

In other words, if you are a poet or writer, you would want to publish some of your poetry or stories. If you are photographer, you would want to publish some of your photographs. Of course a fine artist would want to publish some of their artwork, and a musician, songwriter, or composer would want to publish some of their music. And the same would be true for an artist in any other genre.

Although not mandatory, if you are active in the AFABW online community, you will likely gain greater exposure from other members and your work may become more prominently noted.

Publish your work in the AFABW Artists Directory today!