How Do I Fix Formatting Weirdness in Written Works?

If you are copying your poetry, stories, your bio or any type of “Written Works” from a Word Doc or another website before you post it into the new AFABW Artists Directory, you are often copying some added and unnecessary code which can mess up your results in the AFABW Artists Directory (or on any other website for that matter).

Fortunately the solution is simple. Use “Notepad” as an intermediary step to get ride of the extraneous coding. (To find Notepad on your PC, click Start, then Programs and then Accessories to open Notepad).

In other words instead of copying and pasting from Word or another website directly into the AFABW Artists Directory, copy/paste into Notepad first and then recopy/paste from Notepad into AFABW Artists Directory.

The result of using Notepad is that you are copying and pasting what you see.