Mail Art Video 2021 (1 of 4)

June 30, 2021 – Los Angeles: This is the first of four announcements and videos featuring selected submissions from the Artists For a Better World International 2021 Call for Mail Art.

This year’s theme was “Honoring Artists.”

In the coming weeks and months, subsequent announcements and videos will feature more of this year’s global mail art submissions.

The above 1-minute video will be broadcast on cable television the week of July 18, 2021, as part of the Our Ventura TV series.

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Nine works were selected for this first of four videos to be broadcast on cable TV. See the 1-minute video above to view the art.

  • Akiko Yada, Japan
  • Alexandru Serbanescu, Romania
  • Carlo Maria Giudici, Italy
  • Richard Rensberry, USA
  • Celine Savard, Canada
  • Daniela Dente, Italy
  • Haylee Martin, USA
  • Juraj Jonke, Croatia
  • Horvath Piroska, Austria


In addition to the theme of “Honoring Artists” in recognition of the role of artists to inspire the world through their work, this Call for Mail Art was also intended to help raise awareness for World Art Day, celebrated on April 15th each year (Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday).

AFABW Int has sponsored Mail Art activities and campaigns for most of the past two decades (since 2001), often in support of World Art Day.

Artists For A Better World International has a purpose to raise the awareness of worldwide artists about using their creative powers to benefit mankind by leading the way to a better world and by supporting like-minded public benefit organizations that advocate humanitarian benevolence.