Poetry: Truth Matters

Neal Fox notes: “My poems are song lyrics. I’ve been writing since the 1960s.”

Truth Matters

I took a walk through the Promised Land
I saw the signs. Tried to understand
The broken glass beneath my feet
The broken hearts lying in the street

One sign said “Peace” with upraised fist
I searched my mind for what I missed
I passed by house’s charred remains
Another sign said “Break Your Chains”

I tried to see beyond the lies
Beyond the News that money buys
A Cause that claims “we have your back.”
Another sign said white or black

The garbage spewed from stage and screen
A fire set. Some words obscene
The war was fought and some lay dying
A child was shot. A mother crying

But buried deep beneath some words of hate
I saw a placard torn in tatters
A ray of light, still not too late
One lonely sign said, “TRUTH MATTERS!”

by Neal Fox in Florida.
Copyright © By Neal Fox. All Rights Reserved.
website: TheRealNealFox.com