The Something Can Be Done About It Band plays with ATAC

May 20, 2005 – Croyden, England: The Something Can Be Done About It Band performed at the concert for ATAC at the Fairfield Hotel in Croydon, Surrey. The concert’s purpose was to raise awareness for the increasing gun crime in London. The Something Can Be Done About It Band was asked to headline the event as the grand finale.

ATAC is the Alliance of Talent Against Crime and the name given to a series of fundraising concerts organised by registered charity, CMS (Community Music Skills). CMS is respected within the music industry for its work inspiring young people in the performing arts and for their tuition grants. The money raised through ATAC is directed into projects that give at-risk members of society a chance to learn about music, dance, drama, information technology and production training; guiding them towards the kind of skills they need for long-term employment.

A special booklet cover for The Way To Happiness was designed by the event organisers and these were given out with the event programmes during the evening.

It was an event packed with talent featuring Rap, Raggae, R&B and Gospel Music with a splash of Poetry! Up and coming singers and rappers from CMS performed alongside award winning acts and international stars such as Witness, Cie and Prodigal Son. It was a thrilling and entertaining evening but the all important message was never far away.

At the end of the evening The Something Can Be Done About It Band quickly had the audience on their feet. They performed, ‘Something Good Is Coming Now’ and their fun ‘Funky Stuff’ song and many of the featured artists rushed to join them on stage for a joyous finale of ‘Oh Happy Day’. ‘Something Good Is Coming Now’ was recently released as part of the Artists For A Better World AFRICA CD compilations, which is raising money for the distribution of The Way To Happiness booklet in Africa.

Roger Nunn, Artists For A Better World Music Producer and drummer for the The Something Can Be Done About It Band said, “What a great assembly of talent and a wonderful cause. When artists get together and get behind things like this the message gets out there and things get done! I’m so glad we could participate in this and help support the cause with the distribution of The Way To Happiness booklet, which contain 21 common sense principles for better living.”

The event was recorded for BEN TV (Black Entertainment Cable TV) and radio station, Roots FM.