11th Annual Rose Variety Art Show

May 4, 2008 – Hollywood: Celebrity Centre International hosted the 11th Annual Rose Variety Arts Show presented by The Rose Breast Cancer Society. The event is held the first Sunday of May as a living memorial and tribute to motherhood in honor of Juanita Zara Espinosa Uddin, a gifted artist and devoted mother who loved roses and whose life was stricken by breast cancer. Her daughter, Carmelita Pittman founded The Rose Breast Cancer Society in her memory to address breast cancer through the arts. As an arts based organization it has gained support from the Celebrity Centre International and Artists for a Better World to make a difference against breast cancer through the arts. Members of the fine arts and performing arts community volunteer their talent to produce a day of enlightenment and inspiration and wellness by participating in an Art Expo joined by a Wellness Expo with health care experts who share their expertise to provide health care education. The emphasis is prevention of breast cancer awareness and promotion of wellness.

The day unfolded with the brunch at the Renaissance Restaurant, a five star restaurant located on the grounds of the Celebrity Centre International. It is situated in the Manor Hotel surrounded with the picturesque grounds of Franklin Gardens with its waterfalls. A jazz ensemble serenaded the guests who had the choice to dine either indoors or outdoors on the patio. At the Garden Pavilion, fine artists lined the exterior and interior with various forms of art. This year’s theme was Mardi Gras and many artists portrayed the theme in their art work.

This year’s roster of exhibiting artists included Erma Adams, Pasqual Bettio FRPS who presented his Hollywood Heads sculptures and Strutwearable Art, Ja’Net DuBois, Ruth Dutoit, Amy Galaudet, Debora Gillman, John Hicks, Jeffry Michael Jensen, Curtis Jones, Carole Jean McCoy, Marlynn Northcutt, Denita Nyree Piltzer, Larissa Pilinsky, Dee Pitchon, Lura Schmiedeke, Petrina Sharp, Norma Robinson Smith the Grandma Moses of the 21st Century, Chloe Trujillo and Gabrielle Utz. Artists for a Better World members Petrina Sharp and Vanessa Guerrero and Miriam More coordinated the Art Expo. Yvonne Harrington hosted the Artists for a Better World booth. Adding to the scene was Kid’s Korner artist Ron Fugitt with face painting & crafts.

The Wellness Expo was headed by Jean Nichols and included such participants as the Volunteer Ministers, Nutri-Med Integrated Health Care, Dr. Peter Smith and Ron Hayes of the Mi Hope Inc Foundation, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research, Healing with Kangen Water presented by Terry E. Scott-Mitchell, Health and Wellness Advocate, Dr. & Mrs. Joshua and Sherilyn Smith, Vibrance Medical Group of Beverly Hills in association with The Rose Breast Cancer Society. Dr. Albert Sanchez, an award winning cancer researcher was the keynote speaker during the Rose Variety Stage Show who spoke about Poly MVA, a cancer preventative and in some cases it has been effective in cancer reversal. Dr. Sanchez ventured from Chula Vista near San Diego to participate in this event. Also speaking on stage was Dr. Cherilyn Lee, honorary board member.

Outdoors, a Mardi Gras People & Pet Costume Contest was held. Inside the Garden Pavilion the program continued with Chris Cornelius & his original Mystic Vibrations music, a magic show by Rocko and his Dreamlab which invited on stage “Margarita”, the canine Goodwill Ambassador for The Rose Breast Cancer Society who wore a custom made costume by her owner Marlynn Northcutt. A combination of Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and Wolf, Margarita was a big hit. Born of a German Shepherd which had breast cancer at the time, Margarita eventually was susceptible to the tumor on her side which grew larger than the size of a grapefruit. With the aid of Senior Senator Bettio (ret) who placed the call to VCA Miller Animal Hospital for their assistance to remove the tumor and The Rose Breast Cancer Society which financed 60% of the successful surgery which took three hours, she proudly showed off her figure as a proud participant in the Annual Rose Variety Arts Show.

Vanessa Guerrero graced the stage wearing a flowing white costume while she danced. Tony Award winner and living legend, Linda Hopkins accompanied by Tony Brion, pianist of West Angelus, broke out in song with “When the Saints Go Marching In” while 2nd Line dance leaders Benji de Lille and Stanley Lessasier of New Orleans decked out in full Mardi Gras attire lead the parade of dancers up to the stage. Colorful beads flew everywhere. Barbara Cordova who sang was accompanied by dancer Nouelle North and model Crystal Chacon, who wore Pasqual’s Strutwearable Art. Also participating was Cantor Estherleon Schwartz.

Seen carrying the Mardi Gras theme was Dr. Sheila, who wore a custom designed outfit with a large purple feathered hat, and large beads in purple, gold and green. She sat at the table with honoree, Jarvee Elton Hutcherson, Founder and President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association, a major supporter of The Rose Breast Cancer Society. He was presented the Angel of the Year award along with commendations from Councilman Tom LaBonge, Mayor Villaraigosa, & Congresswoman Diane E. Watson. Motown legend Brenda Holloway was also seated at his table. Also honored were Ja’Net DuBois, whose voice is heard singing the “Movin’ On Up” theme song for the hit t.v. series the Jeffersons which she also wrote. An Emmy award winning actress she is best known for her lovable character Willona, mother of Janet Jackson’s character on the hit series “Good Times”. Also honored was jazz icon Buddy Collette, and Mary Ann “Stormy” Christopher, designer to the stars, founder of Underground for Jesus, a non-profit organization and longtime supporter of The Rose Breast Cancer Society. Also honored was Lady Java whose performance credits include her appearance at the Hollywood Bowl.

This year’s Mother of the Year, Sandy Moss, was honored with a commendation from Councilman Tom LaBonge and Mayor Villaraigosa presented to her by Carmelita Pittman and Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio FRPS before her sons. As the special guest to The Rose Breast Cancer Society she arrived to the 11th Annual Rose Variety Arts Show in a limousine, dined at the Renaissance Restaurant, received a gift basket with a gold rose designed by Stormy. She represented Motherhood in honor of all of the mothers. She also is a premier art instructor and fine artist who actually had Juanita Zara Espinosa Uddin, for whom the Rose Breast Cancer Society was formed, as an student for a brief time. In addition Sandy Moss also had Norma Robinson Smith, the Grandma Moses of the 21st Century as an art student. Debby Gillman, a participating artist this year is also one of her students.

Tom Fair, who co-hosted the program, played the guitar and sang his original song dedicated to the mothers in the audience preceding the introduction of the Mother of the Year. Also co-hosting the program was beauty pageant winner Christy Passoth who wore red with her banner with her title of Ms. Elite California United Nation delegate.

Executive Producer Carmelita Pittman, Assistant Executive Producer Marlynn Northcutt, Organizing Officer Barbara Cordova Oliver, Scriptwriter/ Director David Bartlett, Stage Manager Petrina Sharp, Assistant Stage Manager Liz Harding, hostesses Jaimee Alexsandre, Luz Castano, Danielle Brown complete the participants named.

Seen in attendance were Gloria Berlin, family and friends of honoree Jarvee Hutcherson, Sylvia Jones of the LA LA dance group, Roxy Young, Dee Gray, Skip E. Lowe, Jules & Lady Tracey Koenigsberg, Esther Aboud host of “Voice of L.A.”, Ivor, Pastor Ruby Morris, Jerome Richardson, Dr. Birault and many more. In addition Hugh Taylor, Raul Alonso, and Kurt Evans of Channel 36 and Michael Johnstone were present during the event.