4th Of July Art Celebration

Carmelita Pittman

July 4, 2009 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World International members contributed to a day of arts and music at Celebrity Centre International. Art exhibits surrounded the Rose Garden café.

Artists included Patti Nicklaus, Jennifer Gil, Dave Repchuk, Nathanaelle Lay, Curtis Jones.

Carmelita Pittman took a blank canvas and painted a picture on the spot.

Children enjoyed having their faces used as canvases as face painter Ron Fugitt decorated them in a variety of ways. The kids also indulged in clay sculpting with artist Jule Rotenberg, who provided the clay and helpful instructions to go along with it.

Later in the day the Rose Garden Café came alive with a music and poetry showcase hosted by Tom Little and Tracy Repchuk. The performance opened with Carmelita performing God Bless America in honor of the holiday. Sylvie and Geoff Taft, AFABW Int members from Arizona, performed a guitar and vocal duet. Steve Wagner energized the audience with classic rock songs. Barbara Cordova performed original songs.

Tracy Repchuk

Tom Little and Adam Rosenthal Rocked the house and were followed by newcomer Chase Carlisle who performed his originals. Vino Allen, another newcomer, performed classic rock songs on his guitar.

Tracy Repchuk hosted Poetry hour, and read original inspirational poetry. Guest poets included Jim and Barbara Ellingson and Russell Salamon.

Liz and Jasmine Harding also helped out with talent and show coordination.

The people who attended enjoyed the aesthetic ambiance while many feasted on barbequed burgers and hot dogs.

The evening culminated in an Independence Day fireworks display on the 6th-floor deck of the Manor Hotel.