2006 AFABW Arts Festival

October 8, 2006 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World concluded its Sixth Annual Arts Festival held at Celebrity Centre International. Artist participants and attendees from a spectrum of race, religion, and nationalities came from different countries and across the United States to enjoy the 5-day celebration of art, education, concerts, dance, awards and networking. Celebrities and industry professionals shared their years of experience with attendees seeking guidance to a career in the arts.

Wednesday night, October 4, opened with The Vocal Power Workshop, which was taught by renowned vocal coach, Jeannie Deva (appearing on House of Carter’s, E! Entertainment TV and author of the Contemporary Vocalist). Through her unique exercises, song coaching tools and insightful information, Ms. Deva addressed the 10 primary elements that hold back a singer’s freedom, reduce power, create strain and can result in vocal blow-out. Filmed by the director of the TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies Elite Voice Instructor Council, excerpts will be featured on their soon-to-be-published web site. Attendee Jean Nichols said, “The Vocal Workshop stripped away some key false data I had which was really neat. Plus I was picked to go up and be coached by Jeannie which was incredible.”

The Music Industry Showcase was produced by award-winning songwriter Dee Dee O’Malley on Thursday, October 5, who said, “The show was fabulous. An amazing acapella performance by the three-man band, Crown, from Minnesota, opened the show and left everyone’s jaw hanging to the floor. There were 14 artists and all of them were stellar. Two of the highlights of the night were Carmen Helene Cooper and Aaron Nicholson who literally had the audience screaming.”

Friday, October 6, was Storytelling Night, which harkened back to the days of radio as original stories were enacted live on stage, produced by Zenia Nahayewsky.

The weekend featured fine art exhibitions, performances, workshops, interactive art, entertainment and awards.

Celebrity artists, Beatrice Findlay, Pomm Hepner and David Tourje reviewed the multitude of art exhibitions to award selects works. Fine Art exhibitor, Carol Worthey said, “What a career-boosting win it was for me to be validated with the ‘Best of Show: Watercolor’ award and to see my two large acrylic paintings on prominent display on the stage during the amazing Awards Ceremony and Show.” Fine Artist, David McCullough, was also awarded “Best of Show” for his photography. The visual arts exhibitions were coordinated by Petrina Sharp.

There was also a Life Drawing Workshop in the Celebrity Centre International Rose Gardens, produced by Ian Espinoza, in which attendees drew sketches of live model, Carol Espinoza. The kid-friendly Creative Corner with hands-on activities, was directed by 12-year-old, Alexa Sharp. Children created with clay and paint and participated in face painting.

It took both Saturday and Sunday to deliver the Screenplay Workshop, moderated by Author, Film Industry Consultant and Screenwriter, Eric Sherman on Day 1, as well as Screenwriter, David Bartlett on Day 2. This highly informative two-day seminar covered the fundamentals of how to break through as a professional screenwriter. Attendee, Regina Tercero, had this to say: “I gleaned the business realities of screenwriting from Eric Sherman while David Bartlett ingrained the craft, structure and tech of screenwriting, with lots of film samples, including a demo of Final Draft software.”

There was also a Film Festival in the theatre, showcasing independent films, and hosted by Ishmael Arredondo, who is the the Director, Producer and Writer of “Without Papers” which is 8 minutest long.

Saturday also featured the Performing Artists Showcase & Networking Event produced by Willman Morcillo. Some of the performers included Dee Dee O’Malley, Kye, Ava Biferno, Debor’ra Hall, Krys Ivory, Lorita V, Vanessa Guerrero, Debbie Gale, Alina, Breath of Life Project, as well as Willman Morcillo. Mr. Morcillo said, “It was as if a bright light filled the room with each and every presence. To me, what encapsulated the event, is the amount of love that is available to all of us through the arts.” Dancer and Choreographer, Vanessa Guerrero, who developed the style, World Beat Dancing, was accompanied by Debbie Gale to perform Gafsa, a number Ms. Guerrero created, along with the costumes.

How To Achieve Your Goals As A Visual Artist was moderated by Beatrice Findlay, Pomm Hepner and David Tourje. Attendee Jennifer Gill commented “Excellent ideas from the panel with lively audience-panel discussions and participation.” Moderator Ms. Hepner said, “When an artist believes he can fullfill his dreams then he takes the steps neccessary for success.”

Saturday evening included the largest event at the festival: The Awards Event & Concert, honoring community-minded artists whose accomplishments have positively impacted society. The evening featured a broad spectrum of musical performances, contemporary and traditional dances, and AFABW Int Awards for outstanding artists who use their creative power to help bring about a better world. Debor’ra Hall, who was an award recipient, and one of the performers in the concert, said “When I sung my children and others were so proud they cried. They loved how everyone responded to the songs.”

Today, the Festival concluded with a pair of seminars on How To Achieve Your Goals by Career Consultant, Joyce Wallace.

By uplifting the culture through aesthetics, by raising the awareness of artists and others about the power the artist has in forwarding social betterment and by working with and supporting community service activities, AFABW Int and its members are making and inspiring positive changes in society.