2009 AFABW Int Mail Artists Selections

September 6, 2009 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World International selected four top works of mail art to represent the 2009 AFABW Int Mail Art project, which culminated on Art Day. (Scroll down to see art selections).

“Mail Art” encompasses hand-decorated postcards, cards and/or envelopes, which uses the postal system as a medium.

This year’s mail art project resulted in original art cards being sent from various corners of the world, as a part of the 11th anniversary celebration of international Art Day, a holiday for art and artists. This year, Art Day fell on August 14 and the theme was “Celebrate Artists!”

Becky Mate, who presided over the selection of of the mail art, stated, “Thanks to everyone who participated. It lets us know that you feel artists should be celebrated the world over.”

The following four selections of mail art were chosen as the top works for the 2009 AFABW Int Mail Art project.

(Click each artwork to enlarge).

Artist, Annais M. Allen of New Zealand

Annais M. Allen Mail Art, New Zealand

Artist, Miles Baker of England

Miles Baker Mail Art - England

Artist, Leslee McDermott of the USA

Leslee McDermott Mail Art - USA

Artist, Debra James Percival of Canada

Debra James Percival Mail Art - Canada

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