2020 Call for Mail Art

May 16, 2020 – Los Angeles: Artists for A Better World International is calling upon global artists to send Mail Art to AFABW Int by July 31, 2020. The theme for this Mail Art project is “Delivering Hope,” honoring the ability of artists to bring hope to the world through their art.

Mail Art submissions will be featured on the AFABW Int website as well as on the weekly cable television series, Our Ventura TV, and social media channels.

Create and have fun.

There’s no cost to participate.

Send and receive Mail Art!

Mail Art Movement

Mail Art is a global artistic movement centered on sending small-scale artworks through the postal service.

Media commonly used in Mail Art includes postcards, paper, rubber stamps, artist-created stamps (called artistamps), photography and paint, but can also include music, sound art, poetry, or anything that can be put in an envelope and sent via global postal services, such as a collage of recycled images and objects.

Mail art is considered art once it is sent.

Announcing “Mail-Art Day”

Mail Art, as a movement, deserves a day of dedication.

August 14th has been chosen by Artists For A Better World International as an annual “Mail-Art Day.” The date was selected due to its historical significance with World Art Day.

In 1998 Artist For A Better World International member Becky Mate established “Art Day” as a global holiday and has championed the worldwide celebration of the holiday each year on the second Friday in August, until 2017 when it was moved to April 15th in solidarity with the International Association of Art (IAA).

AFABW Int has been facilitating worldwide Mail Art projects for many years in conjuction with World Art Day. This new project will be the first to recognize and celebrate the formation of a “Mail-Art Day.”

Since 2005 AFABW Int Mail Art projects have raised awareness for an international day of dedication to the arts, first in August and now in April. In fact, Mail Art, by its worldwide and grassroots nature, has been a forerunner of an Art Day of arts appreciation since the 1960s. So, it is only appropriate that Mail Art is celebrated as its own unique art form on August 14th each year.

AFABW Int President and Executive Producer of the group’s Mail Art projects, George Alger stated, “AFABW Int is proud to proclaim Aug 14th as Mail-Art Day.” He further noted, “Of course, Mail Art can be created and sent any day of the year. This is simply a way to honor the tradition with its own annual day of celebration.”

Curator of the Mail Art project, Becky Mate says, “In making the tough decision of when during the year a holiday for the arts should be, last century I chose the second week of August because it was away from other holidays. So I am glad that Mail-Art Day, each August 14th, as proclaimed by Artists for a Better World International, is given a special, uncrowded date on which to draw much-deserved attention and acclamation to the arts and artists the world over.”

Mail Art 2020 Details

THEME: The Mail Art 2020 theme is “Delivering Hope!”

CELEBRATE: This 2020 Mail Art project celebrates the AFABW Int establishment of August 14th as an annual day to honor Mail Art, which is when selections from this Mail Art project will be featured on this website (and soon after on local California TV, as well as social media channels).

DEADLINE: Send your Mail Art by July 31, 2020 to the following address:

AFABW Int Mail-Art Day 2020
Becky Mate
7862 Apperson St.
Sunland, CA 91040 USA

You are encouraged to sign up for the AFABW Int “Art Line” eNewsletter for updates and other art opportunities.

Exhibition Details for Mail Art 2020

  • Featured Mail Art will be posted on the AFABW Int website (See completed Fall 2020 Mail Art).
  • Featured Mail Art will also be posted to AFABW Int social media channels.
  • Additionally, featured Mail Art will be broadcast on the weekly cable television series, Our Ventura TV, in Ventura County, CA., USA, periodically through the spring of 2021.

Mail Art Response to Each Individual

Each individual who sends Mail Art to AFABW Int will receive a Mail Art response.

Recently Featured Mail Art

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