2021 World Art Day

World Art Day

April 15, 2021 – Los Angeles: This year’s World Art Day has heightened meaning against a milestone pandemic impacting a global population for so long. More than ever, the role of each artist is even more important towards helping to inspire and raise the spirits of our families, friends, communities and as far and wide as any one artist or group of artists can impact.

To that end, Artists For A Better World International continues to celebrate artists and creativity all year long, including a marked appreciation annually on World Art Day.

World Art Day is celebrated on April 15th each year. The date is in honor of Leonardo da Vinci‘s birthday.

Long-time AFABW Int member, Becky Mate, founded World Art Day locally in 1998 and AFABW Int has been championing the holiday with projects to raise awareness for its broader commemoration.

The following represent some of our activities in support of World Art Day 2021.


Call For Mail Art

AFABW Int has been hosting Mail Art Projects annually for much of the past two decades. This year’s submission deadline is today in celebration of World Art Day and this year’s theme has been “Honoring Artists.”

We have already received a wonderful selection of unique global works for this year’s Call for Mail Art. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring some of these submissions on the AFABW Int website as well as on the weekly cable television series Our Ventura TV, in addition to social media channels. Stay tuned!

For more info, visit this link for details: Worldwide Call for Mail Art.

Or, if you’d like to take a stroll back in time, visit our Past Mail Art Projects over the years.


Worldwide Call for Poetry

In 2019 AFABW Int issued a Worldwide Call for Poetry requesting poems for our next printed poetry anthology to be published in 2021.

A diverse group of work was received from around the globe in support of the theme “creating a better world.”

The poetry selections have since been published online and just this week the black and white sketch project has concluded. These sketches will illustrate some of the poems in the upcoming anthology.

With the sketches completed, the physical book itself will now move into production.

For more info, visit AFABW Int Poetry Selections for 2021 Printed Anthology.


AFABW Int Poetry of the Month

In parallel with the poetry anthology project, we have also been featuring Poetry of the Month. These represent works from global poets, including some of the work that will be in the upcoming physically printed poetry anthology, as well as works that were submitted after the book deadline and specifically for consideration as “Poetry of the Month.”

Visit the following link for AFABW Int poetry selections: AFABW Int Poetry.

Additionally, we have been featuring Video Poetry as a sub-segment of our video projects: AFABW Int Video Poetry.


AFABW Int has been raising awareness for and celebrating World Art Day for many years. Visit the following link for additional information: World Art Day Events and Activities.


In a general sense, an AFABW Int artist integrates an additional meaning into his or her work: the idea of forwarding a better community, or world, in whatever large or small way that aligns with their heart.

Perhaps it’s directly conveyed through their art, whether by uplifting the culture or through messages in their work.

Alternatively, or concurrently, it may be aligning themselves personally with social betterment organizations that embrace their vision of reducing local challenges or improving their community in helpful ways.

Read more in this month’s article, “Two Types of ‘Artists For A Better World International’ Artists.”


You are welcome to visit our Artists Group on Facebook where you’ll see new and classic art on an ongoing basis: https://www.facebook.com/groups/afabw/