2025 Global Call for Mail Art

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May 23, 2024 – Los Angeles: Artists for A Better World International is calling upon worldwide artists to send their Mail Art to AFABW Int by April 15, 2025 (World Art Day). The theme for the 2025 Mail Art project is “Aesthetics,” in recognition of the power of art to shape our lives and communities, as well as foster a deeper appreciation for beauty.

Select Mail Art submissions will be featured on the AFABW Int website as well as on the weekly cable television series, Our Ventura TV, and social media channels.

There’s no cost to participate.

Create and have fun.

Send us your Mail Art!

Mail Art Movement

Mail Art is a global artistic movement centered on sending small-scale artworks through the postal service.

Media commonly used in Mail Art includes postcards, paper, rubber stamps, artist-created stamps (called artistamps), photography, sketches, markers, pastels and paint, or anything that can be put on a postcard or in an envelope and sent via global postal services, such as a collage of recycled images and objects. (See “Archives” below for examples).

Mail art is considered complete once it is sent.

Mail Art 2025 Details

ACTION: Create a postcard. Mail it.

THEME: This Mail Art theme is “Aesthetics.”

SIZE: 6″ x 9″ and smaller.

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone in the world may participate.

COST: NO COST (other than the postage to mail your art).

CELEBRATE: This Mail Art project celebrates World Art Day.

TV LIMITATIONS: All Mail Art that reflects the theme is welcome. However, there are limitations to the quantity and forms of Mail Art that can be shown on TV. Such limitations include no nudity, no indecent messages, etc. Think in terms of “family friendly” for U.S. television.

DEADLINE: Send your Mail Art by April 15, 2025 (World Art Day) to the following address:

AFABW Int Mail Art
PO Box 1872
Ventura, CA. 93002 USA

You are encouraged to sign up for the AFABW Int “Art Line” eNewsletter for updates and other art opportunities.

Mail Art Exhibition Details

  • Featured Mail Art will be posted on the AFABW Int website.
  • Featured Mail Art will also be posted to AFABW Int social media channels.
  • Additionally, featured Mail Art will be broadcast on the weekly cable television series, Our Ventura TV, in California.

About AFABW Int

Artists For A Better World International has a purpose to raise the awareness of worldwide artists about using their creative powers to benefit mankind by leading the way to a better world and by supporting like-minded public benefit organizations that advocate humanitarian benevolence.

Mail Art Archives

AFABW Int has sponsored Mail Art activities and campaigns for most of the past two decades (since 2001), often in support of World Art Day.

Click the following link to see some of the past and currently featured mail art from recent years:

AFABW Int Mail Art