25 Years: AFABW Int Celebrates a Global Canvas

February 22, 2024 – Los Angeles: Here in 2024, Artists for a Better World International (AFABW Int) is celebrating 25 years of service to global artists. The group, founded by Jeannette Hay, was painted with a brush dipped in hope, poised to remind artists that their vision guides a brighter future for all.

It began with Jeannette planning, organizing and staffing an 8-day arts festival held in Hollywood, CA, which became an annual activity for the next dozen years, celebrating all arts through workshops, performances, exhibits, concerts and awards.

President, George Alger, colored these events in harmony with other arts festivals, including in England and South Africa, highlighting the inspiration of artists from around the world. During this time, several art properties were initiated, managed and produced by George, featuring global artists, poets and authors in books, music CDs, calendars and various art cards – particularly mail art.

Jeannette launched the original AFABW Int mail art project in 2001 to commemorate the first responders from the 9/11 attacks on the East Coast of the United States.

George recognized the power of mail art, a seemingly humble medium with boundless potential. “Art transcends borders,” he often proclaimed, “and a small envelope can carry a universe of messages.” And carry messages they did. Across continents and cultures, mail art became a mainstay of AFABW Int. Themed projects from “Seeking Truth” and “Artistic Integrity” to “Uplifting” ignited creativity, often in support of “World Art Day.” Participants, young and old, poured their hearts onto postcards, paper, cardboard, canvas, plastic and even wood, all in addition to found objects. Each piece a testament to the universality of human expression.

As the spotlight has always been on our participating and featured artists, it cannot be overstated that the true measure of success lies in that impact. As Jeannette reflects, “The most rewarding moments are the stories: families reconnecting through art, communities finding common ground, individuals discovering their voices. Art truly does have the power to heal, inspire, and transform.”

For 25 years, AFABW Int projects have been introduced to untold artists and art enthusiasts in countless countries, via the internet, newspapers and TV, who have responded with a tapestry of shared experiences and aesthetics. Our journey has evolved, from festivals to the digital age in conjunction with traditional media, to facilitate even greater global participation. Today, AFABW Int continues to thrive as a magnet for those seeking to create a better world through art.

Looking ahead, our 25th anniversary marks not just a milestone, but a springboard. AFABW Int continues to evolve, with a renewed commitment to help paint a future where art inspires, unites and empowers us to create a better world, one word, one music note, one dance step, or one brushstroke at a time.

Join us on this vibrant journey! Together, let’s make the next 25 years even more remarkable.