Olympics and the Arts Share a Day

August 8, 2008 – Glendale, CA: It is only fitting that today’s opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics falls on a date of international importance to the arts. Today is the 10th anniversary of international Art Day, a holiday for the arts and artists of all disciplines and all cultures, celebrated on the second Friday of August each year.

Art Day has been observed and celebrated on a grass-roots basis in isolated spots in many countries.

Glendale, California, Home of Art Day, is the first city to officially proclaim the second Friday in August as Art Day, and this will be the third year the Mayor recognizes the day.

“The purpose of Art Day,” per its Founder, writer Becky Mate, member of Artists for a Better World, “is to increase appreciation (and funding) for the artists, arts and cultures of the world. This year, we not only applaud the efforts of our athletes who compete in an atmosphere of cooperation between nations, we also take pride in the richness, variety and abundance of the arts and culture brought about by our international community of artists. Many countries; one team.”

The presentation of the Proclamation of Art Day by Mayor John Drayman occurred at 6:00pm, July 22, 2008, in City Council Chambers at Glendale City Hall. Becky Mate accepted the Proclamation on behalf of all the artists in Glendale, whether dancers, poets, writers, visual artists, filmmakers or musicians. Mate said, “It is refreshing that a government official thinks highly enough of artists to give them their own holiday. He is really encouraging the arts in his city.”

In observance of Art Day, Becky and Randy Mate held their traditional community Art and Chocolate Party today at their apartment with artist friends and family.

The newest mall in Glendale, The Americana at Brand, held a paint-out, organized with their marketing department by Artists for a Better World member, Julie Snyder. Thirty artists painted in the beautiful park at the Americana while Mate passed out copies of the Mayor’s Proclamation.

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