8th Annual Rose Variety Arts Show

May 1, 2005 – Hollywood: The picturesque and historical grounds of Celebrity Centre International hosted the 8th Annual Rose Variety Arts Show produced by the Rose Breast Cancer Society (RBCS). The event supported by Celebrity Centre International and Artists For A Better World, combines an Outdoor Art Expo, Wellness Expo and Variety Stage Show.

The Rose Breast Cancer Society promotes breast cancer awareness, prevention and wellness as well as supports recognized breast cancer programs such as offered by U.S.C. Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The arts community is also engaged to fight breast cancer through the arts. RBCS committee members Priscella Ford, Andrea Nicholson, Marlynn Northcutt, Warren Rohn, Audrey Ruttan, Audrey “Angel” Sherborne, Dick Simpson, Altamese Townsend, and Candy Ward assisted Executive Director Carmelita Pittman to make the event possible. The Rose Breast Cancer Society, 501.c3 non-profit org, was formed 1998 in memory of the mother of Carmelita Pittman, Juanita Zara Espinosa Uddin, a gifted artist who loved roses.

Mother of the Year 2005, Terri Tilton, a breast cancer survivor was honored. Listed in “Who’s Who of American Women,” her achievements include a stellar career in the film and music industry and membership in the philanthropic Women of Hollywood. She has played a major role in establishment of Wendy Joe Speber’s “We Spark” breast cancer support group in Sherman Oaks.

Honored was Herb Jeffries a.k.a. the “Bronze Buckaroo,” title of one of many films he produced and starred in during the 30’s and 40’s as the singing cowboy. At the Rose Variety Arts Show he performed his classic hits such as “Satin Doll,” 14 million seller “Flamingo” which he recorded with the Duke Ellington Orchestra , of which he is the sole survivor. His spirited “It Don’t Mean a Thing” was echoed by the Universal Dancer’s tapping feet on stage.

Margie Reese, head of Dept. of Cultural Affairs of Los Angeles, presented Herb Jeffries with the living legend award. He also recently received the Hollywood Walk of Fame star in September 2004 on his 93rd birthday. According to Honorary Hollywood Mayor, Johnny Grant, Herb Jeffries drew the largest crowd for such an occasion. However it is likely that the amusing moment that will always be remembered will be from the Rose Variety Arts Show when six year old cowboy Juneau Catalano who was mounted on a pony rode in from the entrance of the Garden Pavilion Theatre to the tune of the Lone Ranger (William Tell Overture) and traveled up the aisle to the stage to make a pony express delivery of a special scrolled message from the Rose Breast Cancer Society to Herb Jeffries.

Carmelita opened the revue singing “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” accompanied by Harold Kaye’s Big Band. Following were Chester Whitmore and dancers, vocalists Alycia Brennan, Debra Ash, Heather Evans, Guadalupae & Dancers. Maceo’s close-up magic added a special touch. All was hosted by Artists For A Better World member, Roberta Perry and Audrey Ruttan as Charlie Chaplin Silent Master of Ceremonies.

Congresswoman Diane Watson, honorary advisory member of the RBCS, acknowledged Herb Jeffries as well as the RBCS. Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio presented commendations from Mayor James Hahn and Councilman Tom LaBonge 4th district to Carmelita Pittman, founder of the RBCS, Jerry Schniederman, businessman, Margie Reese, head of Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Sally Acosta, assemblywoman, Cat Tebar of Celebrity Centre International.

Pasqual’s Strutwearable Art and hand painted capes by Sibella whose clients include Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac were modeled by a bevy of beauties under the direction of celebrity hairstylist Marcel Munoz and his team of make-up artists. Models included Alicia Ali, singer Bethany, Crystal Chacon, Barbara Munson of Sacramento, Sade, mime Marjorie Bly who paraded throughout the theatre to ethereal music.

Adding to the program were Ms. United Nations Pageant hostesses such as Erma Adams, provided courtesy of Sarah Booth.

Prominent members of the standing room only audience included Phil Crosby, grandson of film star Bing Crosby, Billy Mitchell, David Paul, of Roy Rogers honor brigade, Herb Jeffries’ wife Savannah, his sister Julia & husband John Ferguson, manager Jerry Cohn and arranger Cal Bezemer, Marty, Shaun Baker of V.I.P. T.V. series, Rani DuBois, Ahneva Ahneva, Dr. Cherilyn Lee, Dr. Mary Alice Birault, Julie Ream, Jackie Peterson, Fred Silver, Gene Hinson, T.V. host Elke Schliwa of Women’s Network, Rose and more.

The Art Expo included talented artists such as Yaeno Ejiri White, blinded during the 9/11 New York episode, who overcame this trauma by creating fine ceramic roses. Erik “Wildcat Walks in the Wind” Sevilla played his handcrafted flutes. Debby Gillman, Evelyn McElwee, Elsie McElwee, muralists Oscar de Salcaja, Allyson Allen, Rhetta’s Living Art, Lamon Litscomb, photographers Michael Greco and Vince Avery, Artists For A Better World member, Barbara Oliver and Artists For A Better World members Lura Schmiedeke, Curtis Jones and Glenn Horton (also Founder of Artists Helping Artists) lent their support. Artists ventured out from Palm Springs, Riverside, Sylmar, Santa Clarita as well as local areas.

Spotlight artist Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio’s “Hollywood Heads” assemblage sculpture collection was exhibited for the first time on stage in the Garden Pavilion Theatre.

Wellness participants included Ruth Beaner, the Bra Lady, Dr. Darren Clair M.D. of the Vibrance Medical Group of Beverly Hills, East West Medical Group of Inglewood who gave free diagnosis, Dr. Barry J. Lieberman D.C. of Beverly Hills, who gave free spinal examinations, T.V. show host Yogi Ramesh , the laughing Yogi of Universal Yoga, Penny Rich, Lorraine Rosenthal of Cancer Control Society, Dr. Scott who lost his wife to breast cancer, Southland Medical Group of Sherman Oaks, Dr. Eric Snowden, and information provided by Altamese Townsend a committee member of the RBCS. The setting was the serene surroundings of the waterfalls.

The Rose Breast Cancer Society has formed an alliance with the Vibrance Medical Group by offering free certificates valued at $300.00 for an infrared thermogram consultation by Dr. Clair M.D. The infrared thermogram is an important medical breakthrough as an alternative breast cancer screening procedure which is quick, painless, FDA approved, radiation-free, and can detect breast cancer 10 years in advance. For further information regarding this contact the Rose Breast Cancer Society 310-274-1130.