AFABW Int 2003 Review

December 22, 2003

To: AFABW Int Members
From: AFABW Int President, George Alger


Aesthetics, events, community service, music, visual art, performing arts, poetry, festivals, awards, expansion and especially lots of FUN! That is the concise statement of Artists For A Better World International in review of 2003.

We’ve had our best year yet at Artists For A Better World International and your help was a vital part of that success!

Last December we released our Music For A Better World CD featuring musicians and singers from around the globe.

Earlier this year we held our international Playwriting Contest based upon a theme of “Man’s Greatness.” The grand prize awardee had her play, Glass Walls, produced and premiered at our AFABW Arts Festival. Thanks tons to producer Wren Taylor for pulling off the impossible!

Australian AFABW Int Member, Diane Andrews, spearheaded the Poetry for Peace project that resulted in poets from around the world selected for publication in the limited edition book, Bamboo Souls.

Long-time AFABW Int member, Becky Mate, launched a visual arts project upon a theme of “Families Enjoying Art Together.”

AFABW Producer Tom Fair and Larry Williams continue to produce the monthly AFABW performing artists Showcase & Open Mic hosted at Celebrity Centre International.

Robin Hogarth directed another smashing Arts Festival at Saint Hill, in England, networking and revitalizing artists from all over Europe and South Africa.

Val Hill and Toronto Artists For A Better World members held a water festival in a local park this year. Over 300 kids were taught to sing by Toronto artists dressed in AFABW T-shirts. They also held art exhibitions and fundraisers during the year. As part of this Holiday season their Choir is visiting retirement homes and singing Christmas carols.

Back in LA, AFABW participated in, or hosted, numerous community arts events including helping to raise funds for the Rose Breast Cancer Society with Carmelita Pittman back in May. And in July, Tim Corbo produced the Red, White and Blues Festival which helped to raise funds for Artists For A Better World International.

Our 8-day AFABW Arts Festival in Sept included an artists march down Hollywood Blvd, as well as concerts, seminars, poetry, comedy and of course our annual awards to artists who are using their talents and influence to create a better world.

December 13th featured our AFABW Holiday Party at the Manor Hotel in Hollywood. Live music, lots of food, networking, camaraderie and commendations were the highlights of the party.

Thanks again for all your help and support in 2003. And 2004 is shaping up to be even better!