March 12, 2005 – Johannesburg, South Africa: The worldwide launch of the Artists For A Better World International (AFABW Int) ‘AFRICA’ CD was held today at the Johannesburg Church of Scientology Auditorium. The CD was created to help raise funds for distribution of The Way To Happiness booklets in Africa. The CD features artists from South Africa, England, France, Spain and the United States.

The event was hosted by celebrity songwriter and producer, Robin Hogarth. The festivities opened with well-known South African scriptwriter and poet, Chris Dresser. Accompanied by live music and African drumming, Chris recited his poem ‘African Salvation’ which is featured on the CD.

Robin Hogarth introduced three guest speakers. The first was UK artist and percussionist, Roger Nunn, who was the AFABW Producer of the AFRICA CD. Roger presented the vision behind the AFRICA compilation CD based on the theme of uniting artists worldwide to create a better and safer Africa. Mr. Nunn remarked, “The CD doesn’t only carry a message of hope, but a solution in the form of some of the amazing work of humanitarian and author, L. Ron Hubbard.” Mr. Nunn further noted, “I really wanted the CD to reflect a cross section of music from across the world from the USA, UK, Europe and the African continent, but with each track having something unique and individual to add to the important message this CD carries. It’s important too, in this busy world, that we pay attention to helping people help themselves, and I hope this CD will contribute to creating a better future for Africa.”

Sename Agbossou, The Executive Director of the Viva Africa Association, was the next speaker. Mr. Agbossou is originally from the African country of Togo and now resides in Paris. He created The Viva Africa Association to unite Africans living abroad who have a strong purpose to return and help their fellow Africans in their native countries. He gave an insight into his background and his own successes helping others using the work of L. Ron Hubbard. He then introduced three other executives from the association.

The final speaker was Cathy Robertson, the Executive Director of The Association For Better Living and Education (ABLE) in Africa. ABLE is an international non-profit organization uses proven and workable tools, based upon the work of humanitarian and author, L. Ron Hubbard, for handling such problems as literacy in education and lack of effective and efficient organizational skills. She spoke of the need to make L. Ron Hubbard’s work available in Africa and primarily The Way To Happiness booklet which contains 21 Way To Happiness values found in nearly all cultures, ethnic groups and religions and include concepts such as, “Be Worthy of Trust,” “Love and Help Children,” and “Do Not Steal.” She also gave an example of how this booklet had completely changed one African man’s life, giving him back his self respect.

A special message for L. Ron Hubbard was also read from the well respected Professor Khambule praising Mr Hubbard’s work on the technology of study. She quoted him as saying, ‘L. Ron Hubbard had discovered the only effective way to learn how to study.’

Educationist, Maryse Fournial, from Paris, who has been working on social projects in Rwanda/Central Africa and education projects in Ethiopia, was also in attendance of the special CD launch as were musicians from the UK and South African bands, ‘5X’ and ‘Full Moon.’

The AFRICA CD was then launched with live performances from the Artists For A Better World Band comprising several of the international musicians featured on the CD: Stan & Tsion Kehela, Paul Cruse, Robin Hogarth & Roger Nunn. The songs performed were: Mama Africa, Butterfly, Honey Tree and Phakama Africa (Stand Up For Africa).

Artists then signed the first edition CD’s which were specially flown into Johannesburg for the event. All the copies were sold out.

Artists Featured on the CD Include:

  • Chris Dresser – South Africa
  • Lori Passineau – USA
  • Bruce Welch – UK
  • Chris Julian – USA
  • Tracy Stark – USA
  • Roland Bouchat – France
  • Robin Hogarth – South Africa
  • The Lemmings – South Africa
  • Petro Stathoussis – South Africa
  • Neal Fox – USA
  • Cathy Segal-Garcia – USA
  • Beth The Sybil – USA
  • Joe Elias – UK
  • Tom Fair – USA
  • Stan Kehela – South Africa
  • Angel Homedes – Spain
  • Paul Cruse – UK
  • The Bone Man – USA
  • The Something Can Be Done About It Band – UK
  • Allen Harris, Cover Artwork – USA

AFRICA CD Executive Producer and President of Artists For A Better World International, George Alger, wrote “United by a theme that endorses multicultural, uplifting and inspirational ideals, the global artists that offered their work for this creation beheld a vision supporting the spirit and peoples of Africa.”

Artists For A Better World International has a purpose to raise the awareness of worldwide artists about using their creative powers to benefit mankind by leading the way to a better world and by supporting like-minded public benefit organizations that advocate humanitarian benevolence.

AFABW Int activities include art and social betterment projects and/or events conceived to foster heightened awareness with and through art and artists, to help build a better world through aesthetics.