AFABW Int “Art Resources” Expanded

May 23, 2006 – Hollywood: Artists may now further promote and expand their career by taking advantage of additional online “Art Resources” on the Artists For A Better World International website. In addition to the “Arts Articles” and “Links” section that have been previously established, there are now four new sections:

  • Art Contests/Competitions
  • Art Opportunities
  • Art Calls
  • Art Grants

To see if there is something that you may take advantage of today, visit and click on “Art Resources.” Be sure to visit weekly to see the updated listings!

These listings represent resources for all manner of art genres and for artists all over the world. Some examples of these resources include:

  • photography contests
  • short story competitions
  • art exhibitions
  • song contests
  • opportunities for filmmakers
  • call for models
  • fine arts grants

And many other opportunities for artists such as painters, singers, songwriters, filmmakers, writers, dancers, actors, models, etc. In other words, this a resource for all genres of artists around the globe.

Each resource title is a link that may be clicked on for more information.

The titles of the listings begin with a geographical requirement, such as a specific region, or whether it may be a “national” or “international” listing. In this way the artist viewing these web pages may scan the resource titles to first see if he or she may be geographically eligible. In other words, the broadest classification would be “international,” which would mean any artist reading these pages would at least qualify for this first geographical requirement. If a particular opportunity were noted for “Australia” or “England” then artists in other countries would know not to click on that title for more information.

Many of these art resources have a deadline, which in most cases would be noted in the subtitle.

If you are aware of an art resource that should be noted in these listings, please send an email by clicking “Contact.”

Artists For A Better World International is a network of worldwide artists uniting to make a difference in society. By uplifting the culture through aesthetics, by raising the awareness of artists and others about the power the artist has in forwarding social betterment and by working with and supporting community service activities, AFABW Int and its members are making and inspiring positive changes in society.

AFABW Int welcomes ideas and suggestions from any and all artists, art enthusiasts and social betterment groups about ways we can work together to create a better world.