2008 AFABW Int Holiday Party

Jeff Harman

December 13, 2008 – Hollywood: Tonight, Artists For A Better World held its 8th annual, end-of-the-year, Holiday Party and networking event at Celebrity Centre International. Music, poetry, lots of food, plenty of conversation and networking were the order of the evening. Commendations were presented to the volunteers who helped make this year one of AFABW Int’s most active year’s ever.

Tom Fair was honored as the Director of this year’s AFABW Arts Festival that occurred in October at Celebrity Centre International.

Mercedes York belted out her enchanting vocals, duly attired with a santa hat.

Jeff Harman was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, introducing the poets, singers, musicians and speakers.

Vanessa Guerrero presented several riveting poems and also discussed her global travels helping to establish additional AFABW Int groups.

Singer, Margie Maselli, and her full-stage of performers filled the theatre with music.

Singer/Songwriter and guitarist, Barbara Cordova, performed an original tune.

Tracy Repchuk, who is also the Chief Judge and Executive Editor of the AFABW Int Poetry compilations books, read a brilliant poem to inspire poets and artists toward more creation, in spite of anything and everything.

Celebrity Vocal Coach and Singer, Jeannie Deva inspired the audience with her radiant music and captivating presence.

Furthermore, President of AFABW Int, George Alger, discussed the AFABW Int properties including the annual AFABW fine art calendar, the upcoming Poetry anthology book and music CD, and also unveiled this year’s Short Story Book for the first time to the audience, and to the book’s Executive Editor, Becky Mate.

Petrina Sharp, who co-Produces the annual AFABW Int Fine Art Calendar with Jerry Keane, was on hand to discuss the latest 2009 Calendar and show off the fine artwork that it contained.

Another feature of this evening’s activities were the video interviews of attending artists about their views on using aesthetics to create a better word, which dovetails into one of the purposes of AFABW Int: establishing a worldwide network of artists who share a vision of creating a better world via aesthetics.