AFABW Ireland Distributes 4500 “Say No to Drugs” booklets

August 20, 2007: Dublin, Ireland – Artists For A Better World Ireland produced a concert to raise awareness about drug education. 4,500 “Say No to Drugs” booklets were distributed to attendees.

The Jive Aces were the featured performers. As a popular swing band, they played their trademark high-spirited, fast, energetic “hot jive” right on Grafton Street, which is Dublin’s most popular shopping area.

During the concert, AFABW Int members distributed thousands of anti-drug booklets for free, to the shoppers crowding the famous red paving stones to hear the band.

The “Say No to Drugs” booklets provide the truth about drugs and have saved lives across the world. Here in Dublin, artists have been handing them out for ten years and this was the highest amount distributed during a single day.

AFABW Int member Des Synnott said “I believe the world can become a better place if people who care join hands and do something to improve the community. As an artist, I feel all artists are cultural leaders, and Artists for a Better World is a group that helps lead the way to a safer and happier society.”

AFABW Ireland is composed of musicians, writers, painters and other artists who work together with the purpose of helping improve conditions in their part of the world through the arts.