AFABW Int Life Drawing

August 19, 2001 – Hollywood: Experienced and new artists participated in the AFABW Int “Joy of Creating” by drawing two live costume models, Jessica Shelton and Ann Goth.

The “Joy of Creating” Life Drawing Workshop was held outdoors in the Rose Garden at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International. The drawing was under 3 canopies with classical music playing in the background.

Jessica and Ann created dozens of interesting poses for the artists in the time-honored tradition of the masters – drawing from life. As part of the workshop well-known portrait artist, Julie Snyder, gave a talk about how she has used L. Ron Hubbard’s information on the “Tone Scale” to help her in creating beautiful, professional works of art.

Paul Godfrey, Julie Snyder and Rob Hoover gave drawing tips to some of the artists. Excellent drawings were created during the workshop and the artists were very happy about the artwork they created!

Celebrity Centre students and guests frequented the class throughout the day to watch the artists working and several of them joined in and began drawing themselves, as well. Workshop attendees visited the L. Ron Hubbard Exhibit which was located directly across from the Workshop site. Many of the attendees expressed strong interest in attending more of such workshops in the future on a regular/weekly basis.

The next “Joy of Creating” Life Drawing Workshop will be during the AFABW Int “JOY OF CREATING” International Arts Festival on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2001!

Success Stories

“The time passed way too fast!!! More, more, more….” Jennifer Gill

“I enjoyed the life drawing workshop. I’d love to do this regularly. The environment was so uplifting, the group was nice to work with and the chance to do some life drawing only made me want to do more.” Christine Sargent

“Great energy – good orientations, well organized. I would like to do it every Sunday.” Miriam Alba

“I have gone from only having the ability to draw a stick figure to having a greater understanding of lines, curves and measurements. This was a really fun class! Well done Rob, Paul and Julie! Thank you!” Kathy E. Ziegler

“Had a great time – thanks for the event. It was great to see fellow artists try out life drawing. They came out of uncertainty, learned some methods, came uptone and really enjoyed their creatingness. Theta group, theta space, very upstat. I got to share LRH wins and methods as a artist. My dynamics are happy! I’ll be there again – tell me when!” Julie Snyder