AFABW Poetry Book Released: Spirit of Humanity

Spirit of Humanity

June 29, 2007 – Hollywood: Artists For A Better World International announced the release of its second poetry anthology, Spirit of Humanity, Poetic Visions Of A Better World. The soft-covered book includes 71 global poets and 11 fine artists featured throughout its 145 pages. The Spirit of Humanity embraces the shared ideals of a better world common to mankind through the ages, regardless of how different the specifics of such ideals may be expressed.

AFABW Int Poetry Editor, Tracy Lynn Repchuk, who is also Founder and President of The Canadian Federation of Poets said, “This book has taken on a life of its own, one I have been very happy to guide and nurture. It includes messages of ‘hope,’ ‘solution,’ an ‘appeal to improve,’ ‘helping to make the world a better place’ and ‘doing something about it.’ It is a wonderful experience working directly with such a spirited group of poets and artists with messages to change the landscape of our world.”

Artists For A Better World International thanks all poets who submitted their work to be considered for this year’s poetry anthology and would like to acknowledge the following poets who were selected for publication in this year’s AFABW Int Spirit of Humanity book.


Judy Adams – “The Age Before The Woe”
George Alger – “Daily, You and I”
Serge Bach – “Pour L’amour De La Mer”
Andrew Baile – “Navigator’s Luck”
Ivy Bigbee – “Eyes Like Mine”
Dean Blehert – “Ghosts”
Shantelle S. Brown – “The Soul of Man”
Joanna Celeste – “Freedom’s Song”
Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy – “A New Vision”
Sylvia Cumming – “Beside The Intersection of Two Freeways”
Kent Davis – “The Challenge”
Neil Davis – “The Surprise”
Grish Davtian – “The Spring And Swallows”
Lee Down – “Grow Love Grow”
Chris Dresser – “Beginning”
Barbara Anne Dunn – “A Billion Brothers”
Rosalind Eagle – “Know She’s There”
Elka Ruth Enola – “For My Class”
Lyn Evans – “Let It Come”
Tom Fair – “Your Day”
Raymond Fenech – “The Mountains of Mourne – An Impression”
Peggy Fletcher – “Mandala One”
Peggy Fletcher – “The Power and the Glory of Song”
Bob Guignon – “When Then Becomes Tomorrow”
Orania Hamilton – “When My Sun Goes Down”
Yvonne Harrington – “Janet: The Color of Love”
Janet Harvey – “I Am Woman I Will Not Be Crushed”
Amir Hasham – “Shall We Just Walk In”
Sandy Hendricks – “Youth”
Jan Houston – “Grandmother’s Pearled Amazements”
I.B. Iskov – “Big Game”
Nadja Jahara – “A Dream Of You”
Virginia Jansen – “Seasons”
Jerry Keane – “All Alone Again”
Jeff Kelley – “The Great Exploration”
Gary Konigsberg – “Immortal Chaplains”
DM Kraft – “A Tomorrow Locked In Yesterdays”
Carolyn Krueger – “Song of the Soul”
Ron Kule – “Of the Nature of Mankind”
Marcelle LaCour – “Dreams Don’t Lie”
Clark LaPointe – “The Rare Butterfly”
John Layton – “You Can Go Home Again”
Mary Jo Leavitt – “A Better Game”
Michael Levy – “In the Passage of Dream-Time”
Louise Marquis – “On Survival”
Richard Masterton – “The Diatribe”
Lori A. May – “Delayed Gratification”
Arthur McKnight – “Give Me Peace”
Laura Murray – “Some One”
Laura Nolan – “The Road to Brotherhood”
Carol Osgood – “Woman of Love”
Nikhil Parekh – “Humanity And Happiness”
Tracy Lynn Repchuk – “Spirit Of Humanity”
Rene Riel – “Open Are The Minds”
Yvonne Marcerie Riel – “The Garden”
Stephanie Roberts – “Bowed”
Richard Royce – “The Meaning Of Life”
Paul Semenick – “Did You?”
Thom Severtson – “Making Space”
Leslie Silton – “This Side Up”
Cris Staubach – “Declaration Of Independence”
David Lloyd Stewart – “Lucky Boy”
Mary Stewart – “Song To My Mother”
Kevin Taylor – “If A Man…”
Renee Taylor – “The Gift of Courtly Love”
Regina Tercero – “Who Am I?”
Lois Thurman – “Interludes”
Virginia Watson – “The Redemption”
Scott Weible – “I Petition You”
Mari Werner – “Waiting for the Muse”
Kim Williams – “Out Of A World”
Carol Worthey – “Rain Oh Music Reign”

Additionally, visual artwork from the following fine artists is featured throughout the book.


George Alger
Joanna Celeste
Susan-Angelo DeBay
Lynette Evans
Jennifer Gill
Yvonne Harrington
Jeannette Hay
Petrina Sharp
Dave McCullough
Mark Leavitt
Joanna Celeste
Bruce Silton

Poetry and fine art submissions were accepted at no cost from all poets and fine artists.

Artists For A Better World International is dedicated to building a worldwide network of artists who share a vision of creating a better world through aesthetics and is open to artists and art enthusiasts of goodwill from all religions, nationalities, creeds, races and cultures. In short, poetry submissions were welcomed from any and all poets, the world over, who desire to help in the creation of a better world.

Artists For A Better World International has a purpose to raise the awareness of worldwide artists about using their creative powers to benefit mankind by leading the way to a better world and by supporting like-minded public benefit organizations that advocate humanitarian benevolence.

We accomplish our aims by cultivating international artistic participation in constructive, inspirational and creative projects as well as working hand-in-hand with other community advancement organizations.

AFABW Int activities include art and social betterment projects and/or events conceived to foster heightened awareness with and through art and artists, to help build a better world through aesthetics.