AFABW TV Show & Cappy Awards

October 13, 2008 – Ventura, CA: Tonight was the annual “Cappy” awards event at CAPS TV, where we produce the AFABW Int Public Access Cable TV Shows.

One of our AFABW Int shows was featured at the event, which was pretty cool since there were only about a dozen or so shows from the entire year that were featured out of the countless programs that were produced. In essence, it was sort of like an unofficial “Honorable Mention” for our AFABW Int programming.

The featured AFABW Int video clip was from our “Art of Humor” show with guest comics Richard Stewart and Alberto Cabilan earlier this year. The talk show included Mr. Stewart’s and Mr. Cabilan’s insights on how humor can be used by anyone, young or old, towards improving circumstances and conditions in their environment.

The ongoing AFABW TV Shows feature artists, their work and performances and are themed on how artists use aesthetics to create a better world.

As a related note, the TV Station is currently in the midst of construction to improve its facilities, and is simultaneously upgrading equipment. The control room is getting new walls; a new door is being installed for more efficient access between the production areas; new cameras, teleprompters and related equipment are being set up; and the friendly, helpful staff are as great as ever.

Special thanks to our AFABW TV Production Crew, Claudia Daniloff, Petrina Sharp, and RG Kanning, as well as all of our awesome guest artists so far, and the many more to come!

If you are interested in volunteering as part of the productions, click “Contact Us” for details. Some of the jobs that are available include camera operation, lighting, audio engineering, set design, stage management, video editing and more! No worries if you aren’t a pro at this stuff as basic training is provided. The main criteria needed and wanted is simply folks who like to have fun and are easy to work with – with a greater emphasis on “Like to have fun!”