Art Day 2010

August 13, 2010 – Glendale, CA: Artists can be counted upon to do their art throughout the year. But today, the second Friday in August, is different because it is INTERNATIONAL ART DAY! The purpose of the holiday is to celebrate artists, musicians, writers and all creative people. Celebrating Art Day means acknowledging artists and the role they play in enhancing cultures around the world. The very fact that there is an Art Day dedicated to the global network of artists reaffirms the respect we have for those whose art has moved us, motivated us, and inspired us.

Artists of the world create their wonderful works as painters, carvers and sculptors. Musicians play their instruments and dancers delight their audiences. Chefs put an artistic spin on their culinary masterpieces. Florists add arrangements to nature’s art. Writers, filmmakers and actors bring story and theme to life. Amateur artists, children and dabblers enjoy interplay within the creative arena.

Not one artistic activity in the world is unimportant. And the combined effect of the beauty, inspiration and leadership of artists gives us all the pleasant progress of the brighter side of Mankind.

Glendale California “ART DAY” Proclamation

As a token of her appreciation for Art Day, and for the 5th year Art Day has been proclaimed by the Mayor of her hometown of Glendale, CA, Becky Mate, the founder of international Art Day held a celebration in her garden. Hamburgers and hot dogs were served along with artistic Hungarian pastries and chocolate. Children were free to create art at a low art table, and free to hang it along a long rope for all to see. The children also had fun looking for small art items under bushes and behind trees during the Art Hunt. Attendees got to see the works of art honoring Art Day and creativity sent in from around the world thanks to the Artists for a Better World Mail Art Project.

As night dropped her curtain on country after country that night, all the people of Earth went to bed a little happier, a little more peaceful, knowing that there are artists in the world to help us all with their creativity.