Art Day 2014 Photography Celebration

July 21, 2014 — Sunland, CA: International Art Day, a holiday for the arts begun in 1998 by Artists For A Better World International (AFABW) member Becky Mate, will soon be here.

We hope you have a Happy Art Day on the second Friday in August.  This year it is 8-8-14!

One of the global activities that AFABW Int is sponsoring this year is the Photography Celebration  of the Art Day Games (like the Olympics, but for the arts.)

Accordingly, the Art Day Games are played for the country where you live, or were born or where a parent was born. In 2013, Ireland won the Gold for the Short Script Competition of the Art Day Games. The year before, Sweden won the Bronze in the Poetry Competition and India excelled in the Painting Competition.

Each participant will win either a very small monetary prize or an arts-related prize. The Gold, Bronze and Silver status will go to the top picks, who will be featured on the AFABW website.

If you’d like to participate in the Photography Competition, simply do the following:

1. The theme of the first Photography Competition of the Art Day Games is “Celebrate Local Beauty.”

2. Send up to three photos in digital form to

3. Include your name, email and address and the COUNTRY you are playing for.

4. Deadline: 5pm on August 8, 2014 (Pacific Time)

Grab your cameras or cell phones, and let the Art Day Games begin!!!