Art Day 2011 Greeting Card

July 9, 2011 – Glendale, CA: Today, the vibrant greeting card art of Ruben Yadao was chosen as the official “Happy Art Day” card of 2011, by Glendale resident and international Art Day’s Founder Becky Mate.

Yadao’s award-winning, colorful horse design greeting card will be presented to the Mayor August 9, 2011 when, for the 6th year in a row, the Mayor issues a Proclamation of the second Friday in August as Art Day and Glendale the Home of Art Day. Art Day was founded in 1998 to focus appreciation on the abundance of arts and culture in our town and society.

Yadao has studied watercolor, acrylic, and oil and has developed an intriguing double layer painting technique using silk that makes people lean in for a closer look. The subject of his greeting card is a painting similar to his “8 Horse Power” that won Best of Show in the 74th Annual Santa Paula Art & Photography Show in April 2011 and was sold immediately afterwards.

His work can be viewed from 7/30/11-8/27/11, along with Glendale Art Association (GAA) artists Dick Heimbold and Dulcie Adams, at Shively Memorial Wall Blanchard Community Library in Santa Paula, CA (818) 325-3615. He is also exhibiting from August 8-19, 2011 at Mission Valley Bank in Sunland, CA (818) 394-2300, along with GAA artists Dorothy Shepherd and Dulcie Adams. He plans to put in an appearance at the Glendale Community Art and Chocolate Party on Art Day itself.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Ruben Yadao attended the Wesleyan University there and graduated with a BS degree in Agriculture. He immigrated to the USA in 1979 landing first in Hawaii where he graduated from University of Hawaii with a BA in Professional Studies with an emphasis in Business Administration. While working full-time, he pursued his academic studies further and obtained a certificate in accounting. Since relocating to Los Angeles in 1991 Ruben has continued to advance his professional career and completed his Masters in Business Administration. Yadao, a resident of Los Feliz, who has been painting since the 1992 Rodney King riots encouraged him look for an indoor pastime, took private lessons to expand his natural talent. Yadao is an active member of various art clubs in Southern California including the Glendale Art Association and has won its Artist of the Year several times, a prize awarded for artistic merits, people’s and judges’ choice. He has participated in many exhibitions throughout the Los Angeles area and has volunteered his accounting talents to the GAA since 1994.