Art Line: February 2005 Issue

February 15, 2005 – Hollywood: It’s all about African Arts next month in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Arts Festival of Southern Africa 2005 is a truly international celebration of aesthetics, inspiration and arts education.

South Africa is one of the most beautiful, scenic and multi-cultural destinations on Earth. With the South African Rand exchanging around R6.50 to 1 US Dollar, visits are wonderfully inexpensive.

Whether you visit from Cape Town, Los Angeles, London, Alaska or the middle of Johannesburg, the Southern African Arts Festival welcomes you as either an attendee or entertainer or both!

George Alger
President of Artists Fora A Better World International

Arts Festival of Southern Africa 2005

The 2005 Arts Festival of Southern Africa will be held at The Church of Scientology, Johannesburg, South Africa, from March 4th to March 6th.

A wide range of informative and inspiring workshops will again be part of the festival. There’ll be workshops for singing, dancing, drama, acting, music, drumming, writing, succeeding in the arts, visual arts, and a special workshop on movie making (in which participants will actually make and edit a short movie).

A number of artists have been rehabilitated and others who did not realize they had artistic talent have been spurred on to produce all kinds of interesting art.

The Arts Festival of Southern Africa 2005 will feature musical talent as well as poets, actors and magic. See just a few of the featured performers below and make your plans to join us for a South African end-of-summer celebration of aesthetics!

Robin Hogarth

With over 60 albums to his name, Robin is a long standing composer and producer of music on the world stage, particularly for film and TV and a specialist in Southern African music. His music is used as part of TV, Film and radio projects in more than 20 countries around the world.

Over the past fifteen years, Robin has produced a series of music albums tracing the traditional music of vanishing civilizations, as well as representing one of the largest catalogues of African traditional and folk music in the world.

Robin will be delivering a special workshop in music as part of the Southern African Arts Festival from 4-6 March 2005

Veronique Lalouette

Veronique Lalouette is one of South Africa’s most sought after young artists.

She has performed internationally from the Seychelles to Taiwan, including touring with Project Fame to West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana) coaching others and performing, as well as venues throughout South Africa.

Veronique will be performing and delivering a workshop on singing as part of the Southern African Arts Festival from 4-6 March 2005.


Corneille and Christiaan are a guitar duo that is riveting young and old alike to spell-binding performances of rhythms and melodies ranging from Spanish to Latin and African.

CH2 has grown into a dynamic duo with superb technique and great warmth.

CH2 have become a national phenomenon and will be performing as part of the Southern African Arts Festival from 4-6 March 2005.

Stan Gerson

As a member of the prestigious London England Magic Circle, Stan Gerson has charmed Presidents, Heads of State and Royalty around the world and has been featured at the Hollywood Magic Castle.

For over 30 years his elegance and wit have enchanted audiences around the globe.

Stan will be performing and delivering workshops as part of the Southern African Arts Festival, 4 – 6 March 2005.