Artists For A Better World Int in 67 Seconds

January 6, 2019 — Los Angeles, CA: Artists For a Better World is open to artists and art enthusiasts of all races, religions, nationalities, creeds and cultures who share our 3 beliefs:

1) We believe in a world where good morals are valued

2) We favor art that inspires and helps make the world a better place

3) We support artistic and social improvement programs that are making positive changes in society

By uplifting the culture through aesthetics; by raising the awareness of the power the artist has in creating a better world; and by supporting social betterment organizations; Artists For a Better World members are inspiring and forwarding social aims, dear to their own hearts.

Our group includes artists and art enthusiasts of goodwill from all parts of the globe who desire to help their communities.

Visit our Artists Group and share some of your own work.

Maybe you’ll find an occasional laugh.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired.

Most likely you’ll make some new friends.

Whether you want to connect with others, or just have some fun, you’re welcome to join us.