Arts Festival – “Vocal Breakthroughs” Workshop

October 2, 2004 – Hollywood: Internationally respected vocal coach and author, Jeannie Deva delivered her voice workshop to a packed theatre as part of the Artists For A Better World 4th annual Arts Festival, held on the grounds of Celebrity Centre International in the heart of Hollywood.

Included in this workshop were a wide variety of exercises to warm-up, limber, and enhance everyone’s voice. All this was done while empowering the attendees with factual knowledge of the natural design and function of their voice as an instrument, taking the “guess work” out of using the voice and making singing easier and freer. One attendee said, “I have been a singer for 30 years and I expected to learn at least a little bit. But I received a thousand times more than I expected.”

Ms. Deva said, “I am proud member of Artists For A Better World International and view the vocalist as a vital element to getting the message out about creating a better world with art.”

The 5-day annual Artists For A Better World Arts Festival is open to artists and art enthusiasts of religions, nationalities, creeds, races and cultures. In short, any and all who desire to help in the creation of a better world.