Benefit Concert to help the Children and People of India

February 8, 2009 – Hollywood: Artists for a Better World International members took part in the production of a Benefit Concert to help the Children and People of India. The event was held today at Celebrity Centre International, in honor of Mohammad Khalilullah, a Volunteer Minister who is known as “The Father of Hope” by the Media in India.

He is also the Executive Director of The Way to Happiness Foundation in his country, and the founder of the group, Educating Children.

Khalilullah created 4 schools and is helping to bring L. Ron Hubbard Study Technology to thousands of children, as well as peace and understanding to the people of India.

Khalilullah and his team have also assisted with disasters that have hit India such as floods, earthquakes, fires and terrorist attacks.

The purpose of today’ s event was to raise funds to help children go to school and gain an education using study tech, as well as to get more volunteers involved with this cause.

There were diverse performances that included both local artists and those from India , inspiring speeches, and an array of great Indian food. Performers included Dee Dee O’Malley and her band; The Church of Scientology Choir; Celebrity Centre Kids on Stage for a Better World; Jennifer Grace; Miss India – Jasleen Singh; Taal Dance Collective; Naline Natarjan; and ABC Desi group. The event MCs were Denice Duff & Nick Banks. Assisting with the fundraising were also Bruce Ferguson and Erin Banks. Several thousand dollars were raised, and many people were inspired to do more to help with the cause.

AFABW Int members who contributed to the production were: David Bartlett (Director), Liz Harding (Stage Manager), Petrina Sharp (Stage help), Jean Nichols (Reception), Vanessa Guerrero (Food preps), Steve Spataro, Yvonne Harrington, Veronica Diaz, Patti Nicklaus (Promotion). The event was produced by Barbara Cordova and Jean Dale.